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Managing population growth (China)

Largest population in world.

One child policy.

One child families given benefits.

Prevented up to 400 million births.

Managing population growth (Indonesia)

Thousands of islands with fourth largest population.

Most people on one island, Java.

Social and economic problems.

Introduced transmigration policy.

People have moved to less densley populated islands.

Still not evenly distributed.

Population still growing rapidly.

People whobhave moved are still in poverty.

Conflict between migrants and natives.

Ageing population (UK)

Medicinal advantages have kept people alive for longer.

Baby boom after war.

Lower birth rate now.

Pentions worsening.

Government cannot pay for pensions.

NHS under pressure.

Retirement age has been raised.

Immigration to UK for young people has been encouraged.

Pregnancy has been encouraged.

Private pensions encouraged.


Central business district- centre of city with high land values and lots of shops and offices.

Inner city

Around CBD with a mix of poorer quality housing and older industrial buildings. Can be quite run down and derelict.


Housing areas in the outskirts of the city. Cheaper land, nicer environment and less crime.

Rural-urban fringe

Right at the edge of the city. Has both urban and rural land uses. Fewer, larger houses.

Squatter Settlements (Favela-Bairro project)

In Rio De Janeiro there are 600 squatter-settlements housing a fifth of the city's population.

The project is a government backed one which involves 253, 000 people.

It has education classes, new brick buildings, residents legally own theit propeties and the community have an input.

Inequalities in the EU (Bulgaria vs UK)

Bulgaria has a GNI per head of $11, 180 whilst UK has one of $33, 800. Life expectancy is six years lower in Bulgaria.

This is due to weather, mountain ranges, past political status and corruption problems.