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Define GNI per head

Gross National Income = how much people earn in a year

Define GDP

Gross Domestic Product is the total market value f goods and resources a country produces in a year per person

Define HDI

Combined measure showing life expectancy, GNI and education to give a value 0-1, with 1 the highest

Define birth rates

How many babies are born per 1000 people per year

Define death rates

Amount if deaths per thousand people in a year- made inaccurate due to high death of men in wars etc

Define infant mortality

Number who die before 1 out of 1000 live births in a year

What is fair trade

A scheme designed to get a better deal for producers. The producers get access to the market for their goods, a contract for better financial security, better prices for their products and access to the fair trade premium (sum of money available from the Fair Trade foundation to be spent on improving yields, farming practices, health care or education

How many products have fair trade logo?

Over 4500

What % of UK recognises fair trade logo?


How many people in Africa, Asia and Latin America benefit from free trade?

Over 7 million

Define TNC

A Trans National Corporation is a company that has operations (factories offices shops etc) in more than one country. Research and product development is often in the country they start in and manufacturing often in LIC’s to take advantage of low labour costs

Positives & negatives if TNC’s

POSITIVES create jobs, try to clean up environmental damage, often have charities to help people in the country they work in, investing money encourages & enables development oil refineries in Nigeria use lots of local companies

Disadvantages of TNC’s

Pollute environment such as shell has had many oil spills, accused of human rights abuses, employees working long 12+ hour days in poor conditions, child labour, profits from production if straight to headquarters in HIC

What does the knowledge economy involve?

Information technology- hardware used to store data often for business and government

Service industries- businesses di work for a customer but not involved in manufacturing

Finance- accountancy, money transfer trading with credit, especially bug in London

Research- product research & development

Science and business parks- purpose built areas of offices and warehouses, often on edge of city on motorway and near universities to work together

What are the common characteristics of the 5 knowledge industries?

FOOTLOOSE - not tied to raw materials so can relocate to wherever there is a cost advantage

CLOSE TO TRANSPORT LINKS - motorways and railways offer access to customers and employees

DEPENDANT ON HUMAN RESOURCES - need peoples ideas and skills

MORE SUSTAINABLE - lower energy needs, low or zero air pollution emmissions, landscaping offers nice environment and carbon neutral buildings

OFTEN GROUP TOGETHER - exchange ideas