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Which map would show the most land, one of your state or one of your city?
What kinds of things would you put on a map of your classroom?
teacher/student desks, windows, chalkboard, door, etc.
In which country do you live: Canada, United States, Mexico
United States
The largest bodies of water on Earth are called
Besides oceans, what other bodies of water can be found on earth?
lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, seas
Which usually has more people living in it, a city or a neighborhood?
What part of a map tells you what the symbols mean?
key or legend
Find on a map of the world the ocean that does not end in the letter "c".
A map's symols are small drawings of real things. What symbols might be used to show an airport?
airplane, runway, etc.
There are seven beig land areas on Earth called continents. Which one of these continents do you live on?
North America
Which has water all around it, a lake or an island?
What is the name for the capital city for all of the United States?
Washington, D.C.
A globe is a modle of the Earth. What color is the symbol for water on a globe?
On a globe, locate two of the seven continents of the world.
Choices: Aisa, Australia, Africa, North and South America, Europe, Antarctica
Is the state of North Dakota above or below South Dakota?
A _______________ is a drawing of part of the Earth on a flat piece of paper.
What is the name of the state in which you live?
The largest bodies on earth are mountains, continents, or countries?
Name two of the Earth's four oceans.
Atlantic, Arctic, Indian, Pacific
Our country is made up of fifty parts. What are these parts called?
A capital city is where the government leaders work. What is the name of your state's capital city?
Which ocean touches Alaska, the Atlantic or the Arctic?
A map's key "unlocks" what the symols stand for on a map. What symbol might stand for a highway?
one or two lines
Is the United States a city, a state, or a country?