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Eastern lowlands that stretch along the eastern and southeastern coasts.
Atlantic Coastal Plain
Body of water bording the contiguous United States on its eastern shore
Atlantic Ocean
The oldest mountains on the North American continent.
Appalachian Mountains
Body of water boarding the contiguous United States on its western shore
Pacific Ocean
forms a land border with the United States on the south
largest group of freshwater lakes in the world
Great Lakes
landscape that starts on the western bank of Mississippi River and is about 500 miles wide
Great Plains
forms a land border with the united Staes on the north
mountain range that begins in Alaska and runs south to Mexico
Rocky Mountain
Mountain range stretching from Washington State to California
Cascade Range
tallest mountain in North America standing 20,320 feet high
Mt McKinley
lowlands in the southeast that border the Gulf of Mexico
Gulf Coast Plain
flows from the Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico