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What is the motto of the ATC?

Venture Adventure

On what date was the Royal Air Force formed?

1st April 1918

Name the wings that surround Dorset/Wiltshire?

Bristol and Gloucestershire, Devon and Somerset, Hampshire and Isle of Wight, Plymouth and Cornwall, Thames Valley

Who is the Commandant Air Cadets?

Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty

What do the letters CACWO stand for?

Commandant Air Cadets Warrant Officer

Who is the Officer Commanding for Dorset and Wiltshire Wing?

Wing Commander Toth

What do the letters VRT stand for on Officer Rank Slides?

Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch)

Name the officers who run Wing BTEC, shooting and Fieldcraft.

Sqn Ldr Watt (Fieldcraft), Sgt Bodger (Shooting), CI Stephens (BTEC)

What do the letters MOI stand for?

Method of Instruction

On what date was the ATC formed?

5th February 1941

Name the ranks of Junior Officers.

Cpl (Corporal), Sgt (Sergeant), Flt Sgt (Flight Sergeant), CWO (Cadet Warrant Officer)

What type of shirt is worn in 2A Dress?

Wedgewood Blue, long sleeved

How many paces per minute are there in slow time marching?

65 paces per minute (ppm)

Who is the Air Commodore in Chief of the ATC?

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Windsor

Name both of the ATC Adventure Training Centres.

Llanbedr, Windemere

Where is the Headquarters of Air Cadets (HQAC) located?

RAF Cranwell

Name 3 aircraft in service with the RAF?

Any currently in service (e.g. Atlas A400M, Typhoon, Lightning II)

What distance above the eyebrow should the beret band be?


Where is the Regional HQ for Dorset/Wiltshire situated?

Le Marchant Barracks, Devizes

What do AP818 and AP1358C cover?

AP818 covers all drill, AP1358C covers Air Cadet uniform regulations.

When standing at ease the distance between the heels is?


What colour lanyards can cadets wear on achieving certain qualifications?

Instructor Cadet (yellow), Junior Leaders (maroon), Qualified Aerospace Instructor (blue)

How old must a cadet be to fire the L98A2 Cadet GP rifle?

14 yrs old

What is the length of the marching pace in quick time?

30 inches, 750mm

What was the name of the organisation before it became known as the ATC?

Air Defence Cadet Corps