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What is the function of the muscular system?

The maintenance of posture,
providing force to produce
movement and for helping in
important bodily such as blood circulation, breathing and

Muscles are either _______ or _________

1. Voluntary - conscious control, are attached to bones

2. Involuntary - have little or no conscious control

Muscle fibres are arranged in ________. Each muscle fibre is made up out of many _________.

1. Fascicles

2. Myofibrils

The plasma membrane in a muscle cell is called a ________ and a cytoplasm is called the _______.

a) Sarcoplasm

b) Sarcolemma

c) Striation

1. Sarcolemma

2. Sarcoplasm

What is the name of the
connective tissue covering the skeletal muscle?

a) Endomysium

b) Perimysium

c) Epimysium

c) Epimysium

Explain the Sliding Filament Theory

Involves the myofilaments sliding across each other which causes each sarcomere to shorten in length, thereby causing the muscle to shorten.

What is the function of the sarcomeres?

A contractile unit in a muscle fiber that is composed of myofilimanets

What does the sarcoplasm (gel like substance inside the sarcolemma) contain?

Mitochondria, myoglobin, fat, glycogen, creatine phosphate, adenosine triphosphate, enzymes and myofilaments

Each fascicle is surrounded by a layer of connective tissue called the ___________


Muscle cells are ________

1. Multi-nucleated

A discrete bundle of muscle
fibres is called a __________.


Inside a fascicle, it contains many ________

Muscle Fibres