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What is Virginia's relative location?
East coast of the United States, west of the Atlantic ocean and Chesapeake Bay.
What states border Virginia?
Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina
Name the five regions of Virginia.
Coastal Plan (Tidewater), Piedmont, Blue Ridge Mountain, Valley and Ridge and Appalachian Plateau
Where is the Coastal Plain?
Land between the Atlantic Ocean and the Fall Line. Flat land, includes the Eastern Shore.
Where is the Piedmont Region?
Land west of the Fall Line to the Blue Ridge Mountain Region. Rolling hills.
Where is the Blue Ridge Mountain Region?
Between the Piedmont Region and the Valley and Ridge regions. Old, rounded mountains.
Where is the Valley and Ridge region?
West of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Includes the Great Valley of Virginia and the Allegheny Mountain Ridge.
Where is the Appalachian Plateau Region?
Soutwestern Virgina. Flat land higher than the surrounding land
What are the four major rivers of Virginia, north to south?
Potomac, Rappahannock, York, and James
What is the Eastern Shore?
A peninsula that separates the Chesapeake Bay from the Atlantic Ocean.
Name four important cities in Virginia that are near the important bodies of water (north to south).
Alexandria, Fredericksburg, Richmond, Jamestown and Yorktown
Into what body of water do the major rivers in Virginia flow?
The Chesapeake Bay.
Why were Native Americans called Indians?
Christopher Columbus thought he had reached the Indies.
Where did the Algonquians live?
Coastal Plain and Piedmont Regions. Powhatan group.
Where did the Iroquoians live?
Southern part of Virginia along the North Carolina coast and Appalachian Plateau Region.
Where did the Siouans live?
In the Piedmont Region
Where the did Native groups get the things they needed to live?
From the woods around them. Hunting, making shelter from trees, fishing, clothing from deerskins, and farming.
Why did the Virginia Company of London form in 1606?
For economic reasons. To make money, find supplies that were unavailable in England, to find silver and gold, to increase trade with other countries.
What group of Native Americans lived in Virginia when the first settlers came?
Eastern Woodland
How were the tribes divided?
By language groups
What is a charter?
Royal permisison.
When was the first charter granted to the Virginia Company?
What did the first charter grand?
Permission to go and start a colony, and gave settlers the same rights as English citizens.
When did settlers arrive at Jamestown?
Name the three ships that came to Jamestown.
Discovery, Susant Constant, Godspeed
Who came on the first ship?
104 men and boys.
Who was the captain on the first journey to Jamestown?
Christopher Newport
Who did the name the river after?
King James I
What were the three reasons they chose the Jamestown peninsula?
Easily defended form Spanish attack, deep enough water near shore to dock ships, and they thought it had fresh water for drinking.
Jamestown became the first permanent __________ settlement in the New World.
Before 1619 where had all the laws from the Jamestown settlement come from?
The king in England.
What was the Virginia Assembly?
The government of Jamestown made up of the Governor's Council and the Burgesses.
Who was on the Governor's Council?
Men appointed to the post by the tovernor.
Who were the Burgesses?
Citizen representatives from each of the 11 settlements in Virginia. Chosen from the free men of the settlement.
What was the definition of a citizen?
Free, adult men.
What made the new government different?
First government by the people.
What did the burgesses become?
The Virginia House of Burgesses.
What is the significance of the Virginia House of Burgesses?
First legislative body (law making) in the New World to be elected by the people.
Whatis the Virginia House of Burgesses known as today?
The General Assembly of Virginia.
What is an indentured servant?
Someone brought to the colonies who must work for a set periof ot time to pay back money owed for passage to the new world.
Who were the first indentured servants in Virginia?
20 Africans. Indentured servants because they were baptized Christians.
How did women get to Jamestown?
The Bride Ship
Why were women important to Jamestown?
Allowed colony to be more permanent, allowed men to start families.