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Ma Huang (Chief): release the exterior & diseminate Lung qi & treats wheezing
Qty: 9g

Gui Zhi (Deputy): release exterior in the muscle layer, warms & unblocks the channels.
Qty: 6g

Ma Huang + Gui Zhi = enhance release exterior

Xing Ren (Assistent):
Qty: 9-12g

Zhi Gan Cao (Envoy): harmonizes actions of the other herbs & moderates the diaphoretic action of ma huang.
Qty: 3g

* Promotes sweating, releases the exterior, and disperses wind cold.

* Excess Wind Cold condition,. chills and fever, NO SWEATING, body aches, headache, wheezing, runny nose

Tongue and Pulse:
* Thin and White tongue coating, Floating and Tight pulse

* Used only in exterior excess Wind Cold, and it's use is ceased once sweating occurs.
* Not for exterior deficient Wind Cold patterns.
* Not for external Wind Heat patterns.
* Not for patients that are prone to bleeding.
* Use caution in patients with Hypertension.
Ma Huang Tang
Ephedra Decoction
Gui Zhi (Chief): releases externally-contracted wind-cold from the muscle layer.

Bai Shao (Deputy): benefits yin & contains weak Wei Qi

Gui Zhi + Bai Shao = enhance ability of Wei Qi to dispel Xie qi.

Sheng Jiang (Assistant): helps chief ingredient release exterior while also treating nausea & vomiting.

Da Zao (Assistant): helps deputy nourish & harmonize the Wei qi & blood.

Da Zao + Sheng Jiang = regulate the Ying & Wei Qi

Zhi Gan Cao (Envoy): + Da Zhao = tonify middle jiao & harmonize the actions of the other herbs.

* Harmonizes the Ying and Wei Qi, releases the muscle layer.

* Deficient Wind Cold condition, chills and fever that are not alleviated by sweating, stiff neck, headache, aversion to wind.

Tongue and Pulse:
* Thin and White tongue coating, Floating and Moderate or Frail pulse

* Not for exterior excess Wind Cold patterns or Wind Heat patterns.
* Not for damp heat or internal heat patterns.
* Do not use while consuming alcohol.
Gui Zhi Tang
Cinnamon Twig Decoction
Ma Huang Tang
+ Bai Zhu .....9g

Action: release exterior by inducing sweating & expel cold dampness

- Damp-Cold in the exterior
-- pronounced bodyt aches w/ irritability

- Wind-Cold with internal dampness
-- usually patients w/ chronic dampness (usually from Spleen deficiency)
Ma Huang Jia Zhu Tang
Ephedra Decoction plus Atractylodis
* ma huang ........12g
* xing ren ........6-9g
* gui zhi .........6g
* zhi gan cao .....6g
+ shi gao .........12-30g
clear heat
+ sheng jiang .....9g
induce sweating
+ da zao ..........12 pieces
protect Stomach Qi

sheng jiang + da zao = harmonize Wei & Ying qi

Action: Release exterior by inducing sweating, clear heat, & reduce irritability.

- Exterior Wind-Cold with interior heat
-- severe fever & chills w/o sweating
-- body aches, irritability
-- floating, tight pulse

- Acute Floating edema
Da Qing Long Tang
Major Bluegreen Dragon Decoction
Gui Zhi Tang
+ hou po ......6g
+ xing ren ....50 pieces

Action: Release pathogenic influence from muscles, redirect qi downwards, arrest wheezing

Indications: Gui Zhi Tang indications
+ wheezing.
Gui Zhi Jia Hou Po Xing Zi Tang
Cinnamon Twig Decoction plus Magnolia Bark & Apricot Kernel
* Gui Zhi ........6g
* Bai Shao .......6g
+ Ge Gen .........12g
* Zhi Gan Cao ....6g
* Sheng Jiang ....9g
* Da Zao .........3 pieces

Action: Releases the muscle layer & relaxes the sinews.

- Tai Yang stage disorders
-- Stiff neck & upper back
-- SWEATING & sensitivity to wind
Gui Zhi Jia Ge Gen Tang
Cinnamon Twig Decoction plus Kudzu
* Qiang Huo (Chief):
-- Disperse exterior wind-cold dampness

* Fang Feng (Deputy):
* Cang Zhu (Deputy):
FF + CZ = help chief eliminate wind-damp

* Chuan Xiang (Deputy)
* Xi Xin (Deputy)
* Bai Zhi (Deputy)
CX + XX + BZ = help chief release exterior & treat head & body pain

* Huang Qin : clear heat from Qi level
* Sheng Di Huang: clear heat from Xue level
-- Because HQ & SDH area cold in nature the prevent acrid, warm caused dryness of other herbs from injuring fluids

* Gen Cao - harmonize other herbs' actions

Action: Releases exterior wind-cold-dampness & clears interior heat

- Exterior wind-cold-dampness w/ internal accumulation of heat
-- Fever & Chills: chills > fever
-- NO SWEATING, headache, stiff neck
-- generalized aches & pains
-- slight thirst, bitter taste in mouth
-- floating pulse
Jiu Wei Qiang Huo Tang
9 Ingredient Decoction with Notopterygium
Ma Huang (Chief): releases exterior, arrests wheezing, & facilitates the flow of Lung Qi

Gui Zhi (chief): works withh ma huang to release exterior

Gan Jiang (deputy): warming the Spleen
Xi Xin (deputy): stops coughing by facilitating the flow of qi in the body
- GJ+JJ= warms interior & transforms congested fluids, helps chiefs release exterior

Wu Wei Zi (assistant): prevents leakage of Lung qi

Bai Shou (assistant): nourishes the blood & Ying qi

Ban Xia (assistant): transforms congested fluids & harmonizes the Stomach

Zhi Gan Cao (envoy): augments qi & harmonizes actions of the acrid & sour herbs

Actions: Releases the exterior, transforms congested fluids, warms the Lungs, & directs rebellious qi downwards

* Chills and fever, NO sweating, coughing and wheezing, difficult expectoration of stringy white and copious sputum, body aches, loose stool, chest oppression, no thirst, nausea, and possible floating edema.

* Not for dry cough, cough with no sputum, cough with yellow and sticky sputum, or cough with blood.
* Not for long term use.
Xiao Qing Long Tang
Minor Bluegreen Dragon Decoction
* Zi Su Ye (chief): releases exterior wind-cold & facilitates the low of qi in the interior.

* Xiang Fu (deputy): releases constraint & disperses stagnation.
ZSY+XF= address the major complaint

* Chen Pi (assistant): helps regulate qi

* Zhi Gan Cao (envoy): harmonizes the actions of the other herbs, strengthens the Stomach, & prevents the qi-regulating herbs from depleting the qi.

Actions: Regulates the qi & releases the exterior.

Indications: Exterior wind-cold with qi constrained in the interior
-- Fever & Chills, NO sweat
-- headache, focal distention, stifling sensation in the chest & epigastrium
-- poor appetite, belching
-- thin, white tongue coat
-- floating pulse

C&C: None Noted
Xiang Su San
Cyperus & Perilla Leaf Powder
Xiang Ru (chief): releases exterior, harmonizes ascending & descending functions of the Spleen, & disperses stagnant fluids by dispelling cold & dampness from the middle jiao

Bai Bian Dou (deputy): assists the chief herb by ameliorating the effects of summertime dampness on the Spleen. It also strengthens the Spleen's A&D functions.

Hou Po (assistant): expels dampness & disperses fullness.

Actions: Releases the exterior, scatters cold, transforms dampness, & harmonizes the middle jiao

- exterior cold and interior dampness
- summertime contracted damp-cold
- This is an interior/exterior condition

- Summerheat:
-- can severely injure the fluids & qi
-- increase heat in the body
-- this will significantly worsen the Summerheat.
Xiang Ru San
Elsholtzia Powder
Xiang Ru San
+ jiang zhi chao huang lian: ginger juice-fried huang lian

- Interior dampness transformed into heat
-- thirst & irritability
Si Wu Xiang Ru Yin
4 Substance Decoction with Escholtzia
* Xiang Ru San
+ Fu Ling:
+ Gan Cao:
-- FL+GC= severe interior damp (abdominal distention & diarrhea)

+ Mu Gua: stiffness in the calves

Actions: Releases the exterior, scatters cold, transforms SEVERE dampness, & harmonizes the middle jiao, relaxes the sinews

- exterior cold and Severe interior dampness
-- abdominal distention & diarrhea
-- stiffness in calves
- summertime contracted damp-cold
- This is an interior/exterior condition
Liu Wei Xiang Ru Yin
6 Ingredient Decoction with Elsholtzia
* xiang ru
+ zhi huang qi
+ ren shen
+ bai zhu
+ chen pi
+ fu ling
+ mu gua
* hou po
* bai bian dou
+ zhi gan cao

Actions: releases exterior cold, transforms interior dampness, augments the qi, & strengthens the Spleen

- exterior damp-cold
-- mild fever & chills
-- relatively profuse sweating
Shi Wei Xiang Ru Yin
10 Ingredient Decoction with Elsholtzia
* Xiang Ru (chief):
* Bai Bian Dou (deputy):
* Hou Po (assistant):
+ Jin Yin Hua
+ Lian Qiao

Actions: Releases exterior summerheat conditions

- Severe early stage summerheat conditions w/ superimposed contraction of cold
-- fever & chills W/O) SWEATING, headache, thirst
-- flushed face, tightness in chest
-- white, greasy tongue coating
-- floating, rapid pulse
Xin Jia Xiang Ru Yin
Newly Augmented Elsholtzia Decoction