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Qiang Huo & Du Huo (Chiefs): dispel wind-cold from exterior, dispel dampness & alleviate pain

Chuan Xiong (Deputy): help chiefs release exterior, move blood, dispel wind (help alleviate pain)

Chai Hu & Bo He (Deputies): release exterior, reduce fever, expel xie qi. Release xie qi from muscle layer

Jie Geng & Zhi Ke (Assistants): regulate flow of qi in chest (relieve chest symptoms)
JG - ascending action
ZK - descending action

Qian Hu & Fu Ling (Assistants): transforms phlegm & strengthens spleen

FL + JG + ZK = circulate Lung qi, expel phlegm, & stop cough

Sheng Jiang (Assistant): treat both manifestations & root of disorder, help release exterior.

Gan Cao (Envoy): harmonize actions of other herbs

Ren Shen (Assistant): tonify normal qi, generate fluids (to make sweating possible), strengthen body's resistance.

RS + FL + GC = all tonify

Actions: Releases the exterior, dispels wind-cold & dampness, and augments the qi

Indications: Externally contracted wind-cold-dampness battling the body's deficient normal qi

High fever & severe Chills with shivering, no sweat, pain & stiffness of head & neck, pain in extremeties, focal distention & fullness of chest, nasal congestion with loud breathing productive cough
TC: greasy, white
P: floating, soggy

C&C: do NOT use in cases w/ heat
Ren Shen Bai Du San
Ren Shen Bai Du San
- Ren Shen
+ Jing Jie
+ Fang Feng

Actions: Induce sweating, release exterior, dispel wind, & alleviate pain

Indications: fever & chills without sweating, pain & stiffness of head & neck, general body aches & pains
TC: thin, white
P: floating

Exterior Wind-Cold-Damp without internal deficiency.
Jiang Fang Bai Du San
based on Ren Shen Bai Du San
Ma Huang (Chief): release exterior & dispel externally contracted cold

Fu Zi (Deputy): stimulates yang & warms both interior & channels to expel xie qi & protect yang

Xi Xin (Assistant): help chief release exterior & help deputy scatter cold.

XX - also serves as Envoy by entering the Kidney channel of shao yin where it helps focus the actions of the formula on the shao yin stage symptoms.

Actions: Assists the yang & release exterior.

Indications: sensations of extreme cold & severe pain, slight fever without sweat, exhaustion
TC: white, slippery
P: deep, weak

Exterior cold in patient with pre-existing yand xu.
Ma Huang Xi Xin Fu Zi Tang
Huang Qi & Ren Shen (Chiefs): tonify source qi & stabilize exterior.

Fu Zi, Gui Zhi, & Xi Xin (Deputies): release exterior by tonifying yang & scattering cold

Qiang Huo, Chuan Xiong, & Fang Feng (Assistants): assist in reinforce release exterior & disperse cold actions.

Chao Chi Shao (Assistant): cools blood & disperses blood stasis. It moderates the warm, drying actions of the other herbs.

Gan Cao (Assistant): moderate action of sweat inducing herbs

Wei Sheng Jiang & Da Zao (Envoys): nourish & revive Spleen & Stomach qi & regulate the ying & wei qi.

Actions: Tonify yang, augment qi, induce sweating, & release exterior.

Indications: slight fever & strong chills, no sweat, headache, cold extremities, fatigue with desire to lie down, pale face, weak voice.
TB: pale
TC: white
P: floating, big, & forceless.

Externally contracted wind-cold with qi & yang deficiency.
Zai Zao San
Cong Bai + Ge Gen
+ Dan Dou Chi + Sheng Jiang
= mild exterior releasing action (also generate fluids)

Mai Men Dong + Sheng Di Huang
= nourish blood & yin (light & not cloying)

Actions: Nourishes the blood & releases the exterior

Indications: Headache, fever, & slight chills without sweating, following a long-term illness or significant blood loss.

Exterior wind-cold disorder with simultaneous blood or yin deficiency doe to long term blood illness or blood loss.

C&C: pronounced sweating will aggravate the condition. Only sweat lightly.
Cong Bai Qi Wei Yin
Yu Zhu (chief): nourishes yin of Lungs & Stomach, clears heat, & generates fluids.

Cong Bai, Jie Geng, Dan Dou Chi, & Bo He (deputies): mildly release the exterior & dispel wind-heat.

Bai Wei (assistant): cools blood & clears heat without injuring yin.

Jie Geng (assistant): disseminates Lung qi to stop the coughing & expel the phlegm.

Zhi Gan Cao & Da Zao (envoys):harmonize the actions of the other herbs and assist chief in moistening dryness.

Actions: Nourish the yin, clear heat, induce sweating, & release the exterior.

Indications: Fever & slight chills, little or no sweat, headache, dry throat, cough, difficult to expectorate sputum, thirst, irritability
TB: dark, red
TC: little or none
P: rapid, floating

Externally-contracted wind-heat in a patient with underlying yin deficiency.
Jia Jian Wei Rui Tang
Gen Gen (chief): release exterior, clear heat, raise clear yang of Spleen & Stomach to treat dysentery.

Huang Qin (deputy): clear heat & harmonize the Stomach to treat diarrhea.

Huang Lian (assistant): Clear heat from Lungs & stop wheezing.

Zhi Gan Cao (envoy): harmonizes the actions of the other herbs & protects the middle jiao from further information.

Actions: Release exterior & clear heat

Indications: Fever sweating, thirst, dysenteric diarrhea characterized by especially foul-smelling stools & a burning sensation around the anus. irritability & heat in the chest & epigastrium, perhaps wheezing.
TB: Red
TC: Yellow
P: rapid

Exterior heat not completely released but interior is already ablaze withy heat.

C&C: dysentery without fever & submerged, slow pulse.
Ge Gen Huang Lian Huang Qin Tang