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suiden farming
=slash and burn type of farming agriculture
ex. destruction of amazon
objectives of wildlife agencies
a. monitor biological status of each species
b. maintain viable popn
c. optimize harvest and avoid overexploitation
d. minimize animal damage
e. provide public recreation
why did we settle in grasslands?
-production of crops
-use of domestic range
why do humans have innerdependence on these lands
-b/c of social goods and services
similarities btwn forested lands and agricultural lands
a. both land based, land use
b. both managed for profit
c. both widespread
d. both rural
e. form of social- engineering
f. based on sustained yield basis (continuing profit)
g. both history of abuse
c. control
=treatment of a popn that is too dense, or with a high rate of increase, to stabilize it or reduce its density
3 aims of a popn management program
a. conservation
b. sustained yield harvesting
c. control
intrinsic agents affecting change in numbers
a. physiological (weather)
b. behavioral
studying popn's is expensive, so what do you use
-use an indicator species as an example
extrinsic agents affecting changes in numbers
a. physical and chemical environment
b. predators
c. parasites
d. diseases
e. food supply
f. shelter
differences between forested lands and agricultural lands
a. rotation longer in forested
b. greater land area required for forested
c. greater efficiency in agricultural
d. less control of genetics in forested
e. uses are different
forested: multi-use
agricultural: single-use
f. land ownership different
forested: public
agricultural: private
=capability of a species to recover from a reduction in number
b. sustained yield harvesting
=the exploitation of a popn to take it from a sustained yield
what does it mean if one says agriculture has more end-use
-more money from crops than from trees
what do you need to know to study popn density
a. how many animals/hectare
b. how many born/die each year
c. how many immigrate and emmigrate
successful habitat management requires several assumptions
a. know where an animal lives year long and seasonally
b. know why it lives there
c. know how, when, and for how long habitat changes influence the necessities
d. know the potential of the wildlife resource for human use
a. conservation
= the treatment of a small or declining popn to raise its density
what affects changes in wildlife numbers
a. reproduction
b. mortality
c. dispersal
agricultural land
-land between forest and the city