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How many companies are in Supply BN?
Four companies, Supply, Ammunition, MED Log and H&S
What is the mission of the supply BN?
General supply support with the exception of bulk fuel and Navy funded stock programs.
What are the tasks of the SUpply BN?
Supply, Contracting, Warehousing, Accounting, Subsistence, Packaging, Procurement, Petroleum, Ammo, Nuclear Ordinance, Medical, Intermediate shops.
What is the mission of the supply co in the Supply Bn?
General Supply Management and control to sustain operations of the MEF.
How many functions are there in Supply and what are they?
Six functions, Requirement, Procurement, Distribution, Disposal, Storage and Salvage
What is AMAL?
Authorized Medical Allowance List
What is ADAL?
Authorized Dental Allowance List
Where are the AMAL/ADAL procurement policies and procedures located?
MCO 440 series
What is the mission of the AMMO Company?
Provide Class 5 Support to the MEF
What is the mission of the MED LOG CO?
Provide general supply and maintenance support for Class VIII material of the MEF
How many classes of supply are there?
Ten Classes
Class 1
Class 1 is Substinence
Class 2
Class 2 is Clothing
Class 3
Class 3 is Petroleum
Class 4
Class 4 is construction
What is Class V?
Class V is Ammunition
What is Class VI?
Class VI is Personnel
What is Class VII?
Class VII is Major end items
What is Class VII?
Class VIII is Medical/Dental Material
What is Class IX?
Class IX is Repair Parts
What is Class X?
Class X is Material
What are the four tasking of a SST Platoon?
Medical Support, Tx Facilities, Evacs and clearing stations.