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Outdoor event

200 or more

Fire extinguisher s are inspected ....


Bottom of Fire extinguisher

4 inches

Top of Fire extinguisher

5 feet above floor level

Passageway more than 16 feet

Any number of rows may stand, must have a passageway of 10 feet open

Fire alarm pull stations ____ from floor

4 feet from floor

Fire alarm pull stations is located within____of exit door way

5 feet of the exit doorway opening

Indoor event

75 or more

Fire drills in new occupancy

Every 3 months for the first two years

Announcement before event should be made ____min. Before the event

10 min prior to start of performance


3 - 4 feet , light posts, durable markings on floor

How many rows can stand in balcony

1 row

Top of fire extinguisher

5 feet above floor

Bottom of Fire extinguisher

Not more than 4 inches

What is a Standpipe system

A standpipe pipe system is a fire protection system that is designed to the rise rapid access to water in the event that a fire breaks out. Standpipes are installed as standalone systems which act like building specific fire hydrants.

What is a charged what system?

wet systems are charged meaning that they always are filled with water.

Dry standpipe systems

Dry standpipe systems consist of a series of pipes which are dry and empty whenever there is not a need.

Stand type systems can be combined with? ?

Standpipe systems can be combined with sprinkler systems they can provide automatic or manual sprinklers as well as connection points for fire hoses.

All apartment buildings constructed after March 1999 are require to do what by law?

All apartment buildings constructed after March 1999 are required by law to me quipped with fire sprinklers throughout the building it consists of a water supply system that provides adequate pressure and closed at the rate to a water distribution piping system into which fire sprinklers are connected its purpose is to control the fire and to extinguish the fire.