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Initiating devices/inputs

pull stations

automatic detectors

Send the trigger to the control panel

Signal device

Produce a Audible or visible alarm, or both.

Bells, speakers, vibrating bells.

Flashing lights and sirens are suitable for what location? What about Chimes.

Flashing lights and sirens are suitable for high ambient noise, chimes, hospitals.

Single stage system

And device will sound a general alarm. For areas where people are able bodied.

Two-stage system

Device will first sound a alert signal, commonly 20 strokes per min on the bell. IF the alert is not responded too, the alarm will activate. 120 strokes per min

Requires 24 hour staff on location.

Type 1 fire alarm

Any device activates all alarms in the system.

Single stage, non coded, indicating, local, general alarm system.

Type 2 fire alarm

Equipped with a Annunciator to indicate which zone has been triggered.

Single staged, zoned, non-coded.

Type 3 fire alarm

Device causes a coded signal, repeats itself atleast four times, after the general alarm is sounded. Equipped with a annunciator.

Single stage.

Type 4 fire alarm

Two staged fire alarm.`

Non coded

Type 5 fire alarm

Indicated which zone was triggered though a first stage chime or bell.

Two stage, zone coded.

Buildings like nursing homes require ___ zones per floor.

Two zones per floor.

A building with a area of 2000m or less and a maximum of three floors require ___ zone.

One zone

Detectors are to be placed at the highest point possible ex) top of a stair well

A Manual pullstation is a mechanical switch that is normally open. Once opened it has to be manually reset with a key in most cases.

Key operated Pull stations

Two staged devices, once pulled a key hole is relieved. The key switch initiates the alarm.

Type of Fixed temperature heat detectors

Restorable type- Bi metal disk

Non restorable type- Uses a solder based pot to melt at a certain temperature. Tend to seperate due to vibrations.

Combination fixed-temperature and Rate of rise heat detector

Rate of rise closes contact if the air rises at a rate of "8C/min or higher". Gives it a shorter response time to a fire than a fixed temperature type. Has a fixed temperature as a back up.

Rate of anticipation detector/rate-compensation heat detector

Operation based on the expansion of metals. Fixed temperature, faster response time than the standard fixed-temperature detector. Due to a thermal lag time, which is a time delay.

Type of smoke detectors

Ionization type


Ionization detector/products of combustion smoke detector

Contains a small quantity of radioactive material. Smoke or particles will stop the current flow, closes a contact to signal activity.

More sensitive than photoelectric, but more likely to set off a false alarm.

Photoelectric detector/obstruction smoke detector

Smoke enters it, blocking or scattering the light beam, setting off the alarm.

Single stroke bell

similiar to the vibrating bell, often used for the alert stages of fire alarms. Usually used to give both the signal-stroke sound and the alarm sound.


Low intensity sound device

Horns and sirens

Suitable for locations of high ambient noises, or where bells are commonly used for other purposes.

Are visual devices allowed to be stand-alone?

No, they have to be paired with a audible device

Loudspeakers FA

If loudspeakers are installed for more then the fire alarm purpose, they must be installed so the fire alarm signals take priority over all other signals.

Will a open or ground put the system into alarm?

No, but it will display a trouble signal, as will a audible and visual signal.

Class A wiring

Each device is supplied from two directions. This means a open circuit will not disable any devices.

Can the primary and return path be in the same conduit?

No, nien, negative

Class B wiring

Supplies the devices from one direction only. If a opening occurs all the devices downstream will be out of commission. Uses a EOL

A group of smoke or heat detectors is usually connected to a ____ in class B wirings


A transponder is a multiplexer

How is the transponder connected to the control panel?

Connected to the control panel by a twisted pair of shielded wires.

Manual pull station height


Audible speaker height

Centre of the device not less than 1.8m

Control panel height

Must not be more than 2.4m above the finished floor

Annunciator height

No more than 2.4m above the finished floor

Height of EOL

Not more than 1.8m above finished floor

Smallest conductor size in a FA system

#22AWG, can only be used when it is a part of a cable having a minimum of four conductors.

What would you use on a FA circuit to find shorts, opens or ground faults?

A good OHM meter

Do not use a megger!

A single ground fault on the circuit will not prevent the operation of the system, what could happen if a second ground fault appeared?

Could result in a alarm condition, or a blown fuse.

A ground fault will indicate a ____ resistance between a wire and a ground

Low resistance

How do you check a ground fault in a CLASS A circuit?

The EOL is connected across the leads in the control panel (Because Class A circuits do not require a EOL)

How many persons will be required to test a FA


A % of the non-restorable types must be tested

All tests must be recorded and documented

A % of the non-restorable types must be tested

Short the wires for the flow pump test.

Short the wires for a solder pot device to test.

Short the wires for the flow pump test.Short the wires for a solder pot device to test.

Are all thermal detectors restorable types?


Which type of smoke detector would be most suitable in a area of high ambient humidity?

Photoelectric type

Common voltage used in FA wiring

24v DC

Standby battery in FA has to supply the supervisory current for how long?

24 hours, plus 5 mins for something ill come back to this..

Which class uses the EOL resistor?

Class B

What type of FA requires a annunciator panel?

More than one zone

CEC about stranded wires

More than 7 strands must be bunch tinned, or else terminated in compression connectors.

CEC for cct breaker for FA

Close as possible to the power supply

Painted red

Held close

Why would you connect an EOL to the output wiring terminals in place of the signal or initiating wires when making a ohm meter test?

To check if the problem is in the control panel

Some but not all pull stations are required to be tested in a FA system?

False, all of the pull stations, smokes, heat detectors and some of the non-restorible devices