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Name the five primary functions of a fire alarm system

Early detection

Occupant notified

Activation of emergency control functions

Building system management

Fire dept notified

Name the four elements that affect fire alarm reliability





What type of detection was developed to protect large open areas

Projected be smoke detectors

Name the 3 types of supervising station systems




The primary purpose of dwelling fire warning equipment or system

Life safety

An addressable fire alarm system control unit monitors the status of initiating devices

By periodically polling the device

Which of the following is an alarm signal initiating device

Manual station

Name at least three types of notification appliances used to alert occupants






Name at least three emergency control functions that may be controlled by a fire alarm system

HVAC shutdown smoke doors elevator recall and shut down door unlock

Which circuit type is addressable


Three signals produced by a fire alarm system

Alarm supervisory trouble

A valve tamper switch when actuated will produce what type of signal


Name the three types of fire alarm circuits


Signaling line circuits monifer Integrity by

Pulling Integrity devices

Which circuit classes considered as Fail-Safe

Class D

Conductors return into the control unit from the last field device on the circuit might indicate a

Class a circuit

Secondary power supplies must Supply power to protected premises fire alarm systems for a minimum of

24 hours of standby followed by five minutes of alarm

Upon detection of a trouble condition fire alarm systems controls must initiate a trouble signal Within

200 seconds

Supervisory signal initiating devices indicate a

off normal suppression system

Ionization type smoke detectors use what type of means of detecting smoke particles

Americium 241

Smoke detectors that detect Smoke by reflecting light from smoke particles onto a sensor are called

Light scattering

Which type of smoke detector works best in large open areas

Projected beam type

Rate of Rise heat detectors usually operate when the temperature rises what per minute

12 - 15 degrees

Wall mounted spot type heat detectors are installed so that the top of the tector is blank from the ceiling

4 - 12 inches

Water flow switches are permitted to have a time delay or retard up to

90 seconds

NFPA 72 permits what to be used as a guide for smoke detector spacing on smooth and level ceilings

30 feet

Valve supervisory initiating devices must initiate a supervisory signal within how many Revolutions of the hand wheel or blank of the travel distance of the valve l

2. 1/5

The type of audible Appliance used on Evac systems


Visible notification appliances are required when the Ambient sound pressure level is greater than

105 DBA

The minimum required sound pressure level for public mode signaling is greater of blank above the average ambient or 5 DB above the maximum SPL lasting a minute or more using a weighted scale

15 db