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Leonardo da Vinci - Mona Lisa

Andy Warhol - Four Marilyns

Judy Chicago - Dinner Party

Edward Hopper - Nighthawks

Marcel Duchamp - Fountain

Sandro Botticelli - The Birth of Venus

Alexander Calder - The Star

Gianlorenzo Bernini - Apollo and Daphne

Grant Wood - American Gothic

Matthew Barney - Drawing Restraint 2

Giotto - Lamentation

Dorothea Lange - Migrant Mother

Margaret Bourke-White - The Living Dead of Buchenwald

William Wegman - Blue Period

Cindy Sherman - Untitled

Dan Flavin - Untitled

Richard Serra - Matter of Time

Robert Smithson - Spiral Jetty

Anish Kapoor - Cloud Gate

Marco Evaristti - The Ice Cube Project

Venus of Willendorf (Paleolithic)

Stonehenge (Neolithic)

Greek Dipylon vase (Geometric)

Kouros figure (Greek, Archaic)

Kore figure (Greek, Archaic)

Polykleitos, Spear Bearer

The Dying Gaul (Hellenistic)

Head of a Roman (Republican)

Augustus of Primaporta (Roman, Early Empire)

Justinian And Attendants (Byzantine)

Jamb figures (Gothic)

The Parthenon

Myron - Discus Thrower

The Pantheon

Jan van Eyck - Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride

Donatello - David

Michelangelo - David

Gianlorenzo Bernini - David

Jean-Honore Fragonard - Happy Accidents of The Swing

Jacques-Louis David - The Oath of Horatii

Francisco Goya - The Third of May

Eduoard Mane - Luncheon on the Grass

Georges Seurat - A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

Vincent Van Gogh - Starry Night

Edward Munch - The Scream

Henri Matisse - Red Room

Pablo Picasso - Les Demoiselles d'Avignon

Georgia O'Keeffe - White Iris

Salvador Dali - The Persistence of Memory

Jackson Pollock - One

Mark Rothko - Magenta, Black, Green on Orange

Jeff Koons - Triple Hulk Elvis III

Matthew Barney - The Order

Kara Walker - Insurrection!