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What percentages of Texans are White/Anglo (and Hispanic/Latino)?

45% Anglo, 37% Hispanic

What kind of "state" is Texas in regards to majority or minority?

Considered a majority-minority state

Definition of government

Institute through which public policy is carried out

Definition of politics

Struggle over who gets what, when, where and how

Definition of political culture

set of attitudes and practices held by a people that shapes their political behavior

Definition of individualism

Being self sufficient and not relying on the government

Definition of traditionalism

Remaining true to tradition (low participation, favorable to business through eminent domain)

What was Texas often referred to as in the bible belt?

The buckle

Number and percentage of people who are protestants, baptist, or catholic?

6.5 million Protestants (34%), 4.6 Million baptist (24%), 4.5 million Catholics (24%)

What is the purpose of a constitution?

To limit the government and lay structure to said government

What does the constitution establish define and prevent?

establishes and lays structure to how a government should preform and prevents it from having too much power

*Definition of constitutional guarantees

Equal rights, protection and responsibilities between men and women

Tenth Amendment

Powers not delegated to federal gov are reserved for the state

Powers of the states

Police/taxing power, proprietary power, eminent domain (gov't claimed land/provided compensation)

What is the plural executive?

Texas limits the power of the Governor by distributing power usually associated with a chief executive among many elected political leaders.

How long is the governors term?

4 years

Limits on Executive

Constitution provides for weaker governor, term reduced to 2 years, executive/appointive powers would be limited, power would be distributed

Amending the constitution

2/3 by Texas senate/house, then majority approval by voters

*Constitution of 1876 (what do we call it?)

Amended 474 times, contains 85,000 words, 17 articles*

What do local governments refer too?

Cities/counties (over 5,000 local gov's in Texas) with the highest impact on daily life

What are special districts?

independent governmental units that exist separately from, and with substantial administrative and fiscal independence from, general purpose local governments such as county, municipal, and township governments.

What are the qualifications of General Law?

Under 5,000 people, Restrictions in organizing gov't, taxes, territory (must have weak mayoral) and are only allowed those rights specifically granted by legislature

What are the qualifications of Home Rule?

More than 5,000 people, governed by city charter (form of gov't), can adopt any of the 3 forms of government, can pass city ordinances/annex territory

What are the 3 rights home rule receives that general law does not?

Recall, Referendum, initiative

*Special districts

Weak Mayoral council

Share power of city budget, limited administrative powers, choose heads of carious city departments. More power to city council.

Strong mayoral council

strong executive,mayor= full time administrator and chief executive while city council= legislature


City council hires manager who runs day to day administration of city budget and is responsible for development of city

Definition of political ideology

Beliefs that shape thinking of individual and stance on role of government

Regulation of economy, favor government involvement in social programs, equality of outcome... sounds like which political ideology?


Local/state government over federal, equality of opportunity, reduce taxes/cut public spending... sounds like which political ideology?


What ideology dominates Texas?

traditionalist/individualistic, shift of allegiances to political party, Texas does not rank in 10 Most Conservative states

Definition of political socialization?

Process by which we teach/learn our political knowledge, beliefs, attitudes

What are the 3 basic agents of political socialization (elaborate on each)?

Family (most important agent), School (tends to reinforce political conservatism), and Media (echo business point of view in Texas).

What party ruled in Texas until the 19th century? (Who was the leader)*

Democratic (conservative)

What party ruled in Texas from mid to early 20th century? Also, what happened during this time? (who was the leader)*

Majority democratic, a gradual transition to two party state and the 1940 realignment began as National Democratic Power became more liberal

What party ruled in mid 20th to early 21st century? (Who was the leader)*

In 1978, Clements became first Republican governor.

What party/who rules today?

Republican, Greg Abbot.

Stratarchy (with example)*

Power diffused among levels (National, State, County, Precinct)

5 Main requirements to vote in Texas

Must be a U.S. Citizen, 18 years old, Must reside in Texas for 30 days, not be a convicted felon, form must be completed

What does the law require voters to have in order to vote in texas?

some form of ID, placing obstacles on minority, elderly and rural citizens

What is a solution some states have implemented to help voter id registration?

National Voter Registration Act of 1993 which allows registration by mail

What is voter turnout (which election do most people show up for?)

Number of people who cast ballots, presidential election

Semi open primary definition

allow voters to register or change party preference on election day

Top 3 Reasons Texans don't vote

1. Socioeconomic status: high poverty rate. 2. Political party system: more organized competitive parties = bigger turnout. 3. Socialization: if your family/church value voting.