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Interchangable Parts
a system created by eliwhitney that increased factory production it involved machine-made parts that were exactly the same parts
Napolien Bonaparte
During the French revolution he was a great, and admired general.
Scorched earth policy
was the policy/plan in which a country or something would burn down the path in order to reduce resources
Alliance system
was the system in which a group of countries that join together in order to defeat the opposing countries
Galileo Gallei
a "crazy" philosopher who was opposed by the catholic church and was charged of harecy
Fedrick taylor
encouraged manufacturing to divide tasks into detailed and specific segements of a step by step procedure. using his plan industrialists devised a division of labor for their factories
Eli whitney
in 1800's he was the inventor of the cotton gin which contribute to the concept of interchangeable parts
Reign of terror
lasting from 1793-1794 the reign of terror involved the jacobins crushing all opposition twith France
a diliberate killing of a vast or ethnic group
Adolf Hitler
vasically was the cause of wwii and the holocaust. he gained millions of supportes and did a mass genocide against jews to concentration camps
London Blitz
was when Britain air forces sent a blitzgreigon london for days
John locke
was one of two english philosophers who grabbbed their ideas wth natural law and government during the 1600's