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What are the different enlisted schools
Class A
Class C
Class E
Class F
Class R
Class A school
Basic technical skills for a job, NEC can be awarded
Class C
Advanced technical skills for a job, NEC can be awarded
Class E
Training for someone pursuing an educational degree
Class F
Refresher course for someone heading to an operational unit that lasts less then 13 days
Class R
Recruit training for entering military life at Great Lakes, IL
What is MEPS and what is its purpose?
Military Enlisted Processing Station, where interviews and the ASVAB is taken located near a recruit's home town.
What is the difference between a rate and a rating.
A rate is a pay grade and a rating is a job you are qualified for.
What is FMS
Fianal Multiple Score
List the factors involved in FMS for enlisted E-4 through E-6
-Time in Rate
-Being competitive on the advancement exam
-commanding officer recommendation
-understanding of mandatory training manuals
-meet all appropriate citizenship or security clearance requirements
-Meet all physical readiness standards/body fat standards
What does the FMS determine for enlisted personel from E-7 to E-9
It determines who will go to the selection board
List the six general apprentence fields and the colors of their stripes.
What is the mission of surface warfare
To deny the enemy effective use of surface warships and cargo-carrying capability while ensuring allied ability to effectively employ surface warships and cargo carrying vessels.
Name the four roles of the surface fleet.
Land Attack
Theatre Air Dominance
Maritime Dominance
Joint Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Information, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
Land Attack
to provide precision strike and surface fires from the sea to enable freedom of maneuver by joint and combined forces and sucessful prosecution of the joint land battle
Theatre Air Dominance
allows joint and combined forces freedom of action in the litoral by denying the enemy exploitation of the air battle space
Maritime Dominance
dominates the seaward extension of the littoral to provide joint and combined forces unimpeded access to areas of interest
Joint Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Information, Surveillance, and Reconnaisance
provides situational awareness for the integration and coordination of joint element maneuvers and sensor-to-shooter connectivity for weapons employment
Name the two precepts of the CWC
Decentralized Command
Command by Negation
Decentralized Command
the division of command between different warfare groups so the CWC does not become overwhelmed by minute details
Command by Negation
the ability of the CWC to override the orders of a subbordinate and initiate action if necessary
What are the four phases of Surface warfare
-Surface, Surveillance, Communications, and Identification
-Post Attack
What is the purpose of the RGM-84 Harpoon and what makes it better then basic missles
It is the basic anti-ship missle. It is able to travel below enemy radar then pop-up to attack the tartet
Active Sonar
sends out pings and receives the sound waves that bounce of the targes
Passive Sonar
System that does not transmit noise but picks up sounds and converts them into bearings
What are the different Warfare Commanders
Air Warfare Commander(AWC)
Surface Warfare Commander(SUWC)
Undersea Warfare Commander (USWC)
Sea Combat Commander (SCC)
Strike Warfare commander (STWC)
Command and Control Warfare Commander(C2WC)
What ships are in a carrier Battele Gouop
1-2 Frigates
1-2 Destroyers
1-2 Cruisers
1-2 Supply ships
1 Carier
1-2 Subs
What was the first commissioned U.S. Submarine and when was it commissioned
SS-1 Holland 1900
What is the mission of Undersea Warfare
The mission of Anti-Submarine Warfare is to deny the enemy effective use of the undersea enviornment. Denying the effective use is not necessilary destroying enemy platforms. Denying the enemy the sea control or the ability to prosecute offensive undersea warfare can be accomplished through a variety of active or passive manuvers
What was the first nuclear powered submarine? Who directed its construction?
SSN-571 Nautilus
Admiral Rickover
What are the mission capibilities of the sub force
-Peaceetime Operations
-Surveillance/Intelligence/ Reconnaissance
-Special Operations
-Precision Strike
-Sea Denial
Peacetime Operations
Operations in support of the U.S. defense agenda
Surveillance/ Intelligence/ Reconnaisance
acquiring real-time information to avert or mitigate a crisis, collect intel of long-term value
Special Operations
inserting small groups of forces to survey landing areas before main forces go in
Precision Strike
the use of Tomahawk cruise missles to attack specific targets up to 650 mi inland
Sea Denial
preventing ships, subs, and merchant vessels, who pose an unaccaptable level of danger to U.S. forces, access to areas of the sea
the third leg of the nuclear triad the maintains the threat of nuclear bombardment to our enemies
What missle is used by U.S. Subs
MK 48 Advanced Capabilities (ADCAP) torpedo
Describe ASW protective operations
Operations to defend surface ships
How does stealth provide the advantage of UNCERTAINTY and what is UNCERTAINTY in reagards to sub action
subs have the advantage of stealth because they are quiet and it is very difficult to determine an exact bearing on the target because it is rare to get visual conformation of the target
What torpedo is used by U.S. ships and aircraft
MK 46 torpedo
What is the advantage of having the mobile mine
it can propel itself into areas that are inaccessable to larger ships
What types of ballistic missles are carried by the Ohio Class sub
C4/D5 Tridnet Missle
What are the strengths of the subs
-quiet, stealthy
-carries the Mk 48 ADCAP
-good acoustic sensors
-"in the medium"
What are the disadvanges of the Sub
-difficult to contact with changes of orders when submerged
What are the advantages to surface vessels
-large weapons payload
-command, control, and communications capability
-can communicate with aircraft
what are the weaknesses of surface vessels
-difficulty decting subs
-very vunerable to sub attack
what are the advantages to aircraft
-fast getting on station
-large radar coverage
-not generally vunerable to sub attack
what are the weaknesses of aircraft
-small weapons payload
-short time on station
What is the mission of strike warfare
Strike warfare is the use of tactical aircraft and/or cruise missle strikes against land targets in an offensive power projection role
Coordinated Strike
attacking specific targets in known locations to reduce the enemy's war-making or logistics capability
attacking specific targets to deny the enemy access to a certain area
Armed Reconnaisance
planes that patrol a specific route and look to attack targes of opportunity, if there are no targets of opportunity there is usually a secondary objective
Close air support
when aircraft suppory troops on the ground with air strikes. need to have coordination with ground units who call in strikes
What are the missions of strike warfare
-Coordinated Strike
-Armed Reconnaisance
-Close air support
Describe how a laser guided bomb works
a laser guided bomb need conjunction with units on the ground to paint the target with a laser that will reflect and guide the missle to the correct location
Describe the aerodynamic feature that is unique to the Ratarded General Purpose Bomb
It has a high drag tail that slows the bomb down so that the aircraft that dropped it can escape the blast
Name two targets that a cluster bomb would be effective against
enemy ground units
enemy convoy vehicles
define TACAIR
aircraft fitted to serve in an attack role
What is NSFS and what is the primary danger of using it?
Naval Surface Fire Support, it is dangerous because the ships firing these rounds have to be relatively close to shore so they are very vunerable to enemy aircraft
What are the advantages of NSFS and what is the main weapon that it uses
It is very effective in preparing the for a beach assault becuse of its accuracy in destroying targets; it primarily uses the Mk 45 5 in 54 cal dual purpose deck gun
What is SEAD
Suppression of enemy air defense
What are the advantages of TACAIR
-greater payload
-target selection capability
-battle damage assessment
-capable of close air support and armed reconnaisance
What are the disadvantages of TACAIR
-human component
-limited deep strike capability
-shorter range(without refueling)
What are the advantages of cruise missles
-no chance of losing pilots
-deep strike capability
-very accurate
-multiple launching platforms
Disadvantages of Cruise missles
-smaller payload
-very expensive
-no battle damage assessment
-no target selection capability
What is the name for the modular attachment that can be fitted to all Mk 80 series bombs to make them GPS guided munitions
List the four aspects of the tomahawk guidance system
-Inertial Navagation System (INS)
-Terrain Contour matching (TERCOM)
-Digital Scene Matching Area Correlation (DSMAC)
What is the mission of Air Warfare
The actions required to reduce enemy air and missle threats to an acceptable level
Who made the first landing on a warship
Eugene B. Ely; 1911; USS Pennsylvania
What other Composite Warfare Commander works closely with the AWC in offensive AW
STWC; Strike warfare commander
Describe how picket units work
they are stationed at the entry corrodor and all aircraft pass by them and the picket units check to make sure no enemy units are following them; they are "delousing" friendly aircraft
What are the three aspects of defense in debth
-Classification, Identification, and Engagement Area
-Survellence Area
-Vital Area
Where does the high value unit reside
it is inside the survellance area
who is usually the AWC
a captain on an AEGIS cruiser or destroyer
what is semi-active guidance
the aircraft that fired the missle must use its onboard computer to guide the missle; the aircraft cannot engage in evasive manuvers until the missle has hit its target
What is the primary anti-air missle on the AEGIS ships
Standard missle 2 SM-2
What is the guidance on the AIM-120
inertial guidance and active radar homing
What is the primary radar on the F-14
What is the detect to engage sequence
-Detect-where the presence of a target is initially reconized
-Entry-entering the target into the Naval Tactical Data System
-Tracking-getting a specific bearing and location on the target
-Identification-determining whether the target is enemy or friendly
-Threat Evaluation-determining the level of threat the target poses
-Weapons Pairing-getting the optimul weapons for attacking the target
-Engagement-attacking the target
-Engagement assessment-battle damage assessment; seeing if the weapons were effective
What are the types of Sonar Equipment
-Tactical Towed Array System
-Hull-mounted arrays
-Wide Aperture Array
What is the birthday of the Marine corp
Nov. 10, 1775
who is considered the first commandant of the Marine Corp
Captain Samual Nicholas
Where was the first amphibious landing made by Marines
Fort Nassu, New Providence, Bahamas
Who was the first Marine to receive the Mameluke sword, and from which country did he receive it?
1st LT Presley O'Bannon; Tripoli
How lond did Archibald Henderson serve as Commandant of the Marine Corp
39 years
What were the two main functions of Marines during the age of sail
-to protect officiers from potentially hostile crews
What marked the beginning of the Colonial Infantry phase of the Marine Corp
the Philippine Insurrection
What mission the Marine Corp eventually pull out of the Colonial Infintry phase
They learned how to work with the local people in countries. The developed the Native Constibularies and put parines in command with locals working under them to create governments
At which battle would the Marines earn the nickname "Devil Dogs"? In what war did this occur
Belle Wood; Japan
What country was the US specifically thinking of as a threat when it was developing its island hopping strategy.
location 1st Marine Air Wing
MCAS Iwakuni, Okinawa, Japan
Who is the brigade honor chairman
Midn Crd Martin
Who is the Vice Honor chairman
Midn LCdr Karnaze
Who is the Deputy honor chairman for education
Midn LCDR Perez
Who is the Deputy honor chairman for investigations
Midn LCDR Shovlin
Who is the Honor Academis Liason
Midn LT Warren
Who is the Honor coordinator
Midn LT Obermeyer
Who is the Honor Secretary
Midn LT Sullivan
What is the Administrative Chain of Command
-President of the United States
-Secretary of Defense
-Secretary of the Navy
-Chief of Naval Operations
-Component Commanders
-Type Commanders
-Group Commanders
-Squadron Commanders
-Unit Commanders
What is the Operational Chain of command
-National Command Athority
-Unified Commanders
-Component Commanders
-Numbered Fleet Commanders
-Designated Task Force Commanders
-Task Group Commanders
-Task Unit Commanders
-Task Element Commanders
What are the Unified Commands
What are the two different types of Ready Reserves
-Selected Reserve
-Individual Ready Reserve
What are the different kinds of reserve forces
-Ready Reserve
-Standby Reserve
-Retired Reserve
-Marine Reserve
What is the seven part mission of the modern marine corp
-Provide fleet marine forces with combined arms and supporting air components for service with the US fleet for the seizure or defense of advanced naval bases and the completion of all land operations necessary for the campaign
-to provide marine forces for service on armed vessels of the navy and security detachments for the protection of naval property at naval stations and bases
-Develop, in accordance with the army, navy, and air force, the doctrine, tactics techniques, and equipment employed by landing forces in amphibious operations
-Provide marine forces for airborn operations, in coordination with the Army, navy, and air force, according to the doctrine established by the joint chiefs of staff
-Develop, in accordance with the Army, navy, and air force, the doctrine, procedures, and equipment for airborne operations
-expand peacetime components to meet wartime needs according to the joint mobilization plans
-perform such other duties as the President may direct
Where is the 1st MEF located at
Camp Pendleton, CA
Where is the 2nd MEF located at
Camp Lejune, NC
Where is the 3rd MEF located at
Camp Courtney, Okinawa Japan
What are the roles of SEA POWER 21
-Assurance and Deterrence
-Command of the Seas
-Power Projection
-Homeland Security
What was the turning point of WWII
winning the battle of Guadacanal
Who took the picture on top of Mt. Suribachi and where is this mountain
Iwo Jima, Joe Rosenthal
Where was the last great amphibious assault
What legislation made the commandant of the Marine Corp a member the JCS
the amentment to the national security act of 1947 which was in 1952
When did marines first send conventional troops to Vietnam and when did they withdraw troops
1965; 1973
Who makes the UH-1 helicopter
What is the range of the UH-1 and what is its common name
Huey; 318 mi
How many passengers can the CH-46 hold
How many passangers can the CH-53 hold
What is the max speed of the CH-53
196 knots
What is the size of the cannon on the AH-1W
location 2nd Marine Air Wing
MCAS Cherry Point, NC
3rd Marine Air Wing
MCAS Miramar, CA
location 3rd marine Division
Camp Courtney, Okinawa, Japan
location 3rd FSSG
Camp Kisner, Okinawa Japan
What is the minimum number of divisions the marine corp will have in peacetime.
3 active divisions; 3 air wings; 1 reserve division; 1 reserve air wing
Expeditionary Readiness
The ability to deploy anywhere in the world within 24 hours and the ability to deploy for 30 within 72 hours
Forcible Entry
Amphibious assault of beaches and buiding assets to conduct forward operations
Combined Arms Operations
combining a MAGTF under one commander
Expeditionary Operations
the mindset that marines will be prepared for immediate deployment overseas if necessary
Sea-based operations
providing strategic reach to shape the evolving political enviornment
Reserve Integration
reinforcing active units with Marine Reserve units in crisis situations
What is the maximum speed of the AAAV
72 kph
What is the mission of Amphibious warfare
An amphibious operation is an operation launched from the sea by naval and landing forces from ships or craft, in order to secure a hostile or potentially hostile shore
Where was the first amphibious assault to secure an advanced naval base
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba