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Withdrawing blood from a vein is called


Which is the liquid or fluid portion of the blood


Which is the term for red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets

Formed elements

The description of whole blood is

The total volume and formed elements

Which refers to the rupturing of red blood cells


Which of the following is the most common antiseptic used to cleanse the skin before drawing blood


Alcohol may result in inaccurate test results, which of the following is g chemical maybe used to prepare the skin before veinpunctures


Which is part of the preparation for a glucose tolerance test

Instruct the patient to eat high carb diet for 3 days before the procedure

Which are the most common sites for veinpunctures

Median cubical and cephalic veins

Which items forms the first line of defense during a phlebotomy procedure


Which would you include when performing veinpunctures using an evacuation system

Penetrate the vein wall to the dept of 1/4 to 1/2

Which blood collection devices uses interchangeable tubes that are calibrated to collect the exact amount of blood required

Evacuation system

Which procedure for obtaining a blood sample is usually performed on the middle finger or the ring finger

Capillary puncture

Which method of drawing blood would you use on a patient with small or fragile veins

Butterfly system

Which is characteristic of capillary puncture's

The patients nondominant hand is used for the procedure

Which is used in the capillary puncture technique


Which test required the use of a blood collection tube with a gray stopper

Blood glucose test

Which test require the use of a collection tube with a green stopper

Electrolyte studies

Blood chemistries and HIV/AIDS anti-body test must be performed with the collection tube with what color stopper


Which color stopper is Euge for a collection to you that contains no additive


When drawing blood from an infant what is the best site to use to prevent injury to the infant

The heel

Which of the following is important when drawing blood from an elderly patient

Have patient elevate their arm after removing the needle

The medical term hemophilia is

A disorder in which the blood does not coagulate at the wound or puncture site

After how many unsuccessful attempts of obtaining a good blood sample should you seek assistance


A blood urea nitrogen in (BUN) test is used to identify

Kidney disorder

An erythrocyte (RBC) count is used to identify


Blood test for potassium and sodium identify

Fluid - electrolyte imbalances

A blood test measures creatine kinase (CK) can identify

Heart disease

Which blood test can help identify coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis

Total cholesterol

Gout is identified by which of type of blood test

Uric acid

What is the normal range of potassium found in the blood


Normal prothrombin time (PT) is


The normal blood calcium level is


The normal sodium blood level is


The normal fasting blood glucose level is


Which identifies how much of the volume of a sample is made up of red blood cells after the sample has been spun in a centerfuge

Hematocrit determination

Which of the following refers to the study of the shape or forms of objects


Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and western blot tests are used to confirm which diagnoses

HIV infection

The hemoglobin A-1 C test reflects blood glucose levels over what period of time

Three months

Which of the following are included in steps for collection of blood specimen

Identify the patient

To identify the patient directly prior to blood collection you should

Ask the patient to verify her name

In addition to using appropriate engineered safety devices NIOSH recommends that healthcare workers

Use needles only if no safe alternatives are available

Which of the following suggestions might you make to help Peter

See that magazine over there on the wall focus on that while I draw your blood

Which of the following would be your best response

Bruising is normal but I'll try to minimize as much as possible

Which of the following is your best response with Miss Green

Drawing blood is not necessarily mean you are Ill it's the best way to get your overall health

What should you do to help Kayden

Gently move him to the floor while holding his head

When Melanie continues to refuse to allow you to draw her blood what should you do

Report to your supervisor or physician that she is refusing the lab didn't document it in her file

A vein commonly used for a vein puncture


A vein commonly used for vein puncture and indicated by number two


The vein for vein puncture and represented by number three

Medium cubital

A blood collection tube with a gray stopper is used to obtain blood for a

Blood glucose test

A blood collection to you with a yellow stopper is used to obtain blood


A blood collection tube with a lavender stopper is selected for

Hematology studies

A blood collection tube that contains heparin


A light blue Stopper blood collection tube is selected for

Coagulation studies

A blood collection to you with a gold stopper contains a silicone serum separator and is used for studies requiring

Blood serum

Which blood test is completed using a stained blood smear

The differential cell unit

The erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) blood test screens for which

Inflammatory process