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Film Culture

social and historical environment defined by certain values and ideas about movies

experiential circumstances

material conditions that define at a certain time or place, such as age, gender, race or background

experiential histories

the personal/social encounters through which we have developed our identities over time


the process through which we empathise with a character


the aspects of comprehension that make up our rational reactions and thought processes


the person who writes the idea or concept of a film. this is expanded into a narrative generally over multiple rewrites

executive producer

connected to a film often only by name, finances the film but has no creative or technical input

line producers

in change of the daily cost tracking and production schedule

unit production manager

reports and manages the details of the budget and receipts

above-the-line expenses

vital costs of contracting stars, directors and admin expenses

below-the-line expenses

tech, set, material costs

production values

show how the quality of the film reflects the