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Discuss the different types of aircraft that make up the AMC
C-130 Hercules- Cargo/Pass Tactical intra-theatre
C-5 Galaxy- Loads both ends, Large aircraft, inter-theatre strategic
KC-10 Extender- Aerial refuel
KC-135 stratocaster- wood floor aerial refueler
C-17 Globemaster- Inter-theatre tactical
Discuss the MSC
Military Sealift Command, Strategic sealift transportation for active forces
Discuss TPFDD
Time Phased Force Deployment Data- Global Planning

Discuss the 463L
88 x 108 x 2 1/4 Pallet
Useable- 84 X 104
Weight -290LBS
3 Nets- 65LBS
96" Tall = 10000lbs
100" MAX