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Define code of ethics?

Standards and behaviors of a profession or organization directed towards it constituents; A code of ethics makes explicit the primary values and obligations of a given profession with a goal of assisting professionals with an ethical component involving conflicts among responsibilities

Define Personhood?

Various religious and philosophical traditions have definitions of what constitutes a person. These need to be recognized and applied as necessary within a defined healthcare context

What are the four (4) principles associated with ANA's code of ethics for nurses (Nightingale Pledge)?

1. Doing no harm to patients

2. Benefiting others

3. Loyalty to patients

4. Being truthful in all facets of practice

What is a nurses role concerning the spirit and application of Advance Directives?

One of advocacy - fortify the patient/family-nurse relationship through participating in discussions with surrogates, providing guidance and referral to other resources as necessary, and identifying and addressing problems in the end-of-life decision-making process

Define Ethics Committee?

A multidisciplinary group of healthcare professionals charged with ethics education, policy formation, and review and consultation within an organizational setting

What are the three (3) standard components of the ethics committees function?

1. General education on the ethical application of patient care

2. Creating policies on ethical questions to serve as a model of practice for the organization

3. Offering case consultations on clinical scenarios that are presented to them by fellow clinicians

What are the four (4) underlying goals of the ethics committee?

1. To promote the rights of the patients

2. To promote shared decision making between patients and their clinicians

3. To promote fair policies and procedures that maximize the likelihood of achieving good, patient-centered outcomes

4. To enhance the ethical tenor of healthcare professionals and healthcare institutions