Ethics In Clinical Study

The children have been visiting the parents’ bedside without knowing the truth about her grave condition; she is dying. After thinking about the patient 's story, the ethics committee discuss how to determine what is ethical in this circumstance. There were questions from clinical staff at one point, does allowance of experimental clinical trial drug give the patient and family false hope. The drug was to help the patient in the clinical study to cope emotionally. The family had a moral standard, yet how much financial loss occurred from using the clinical trial. What about the other patients whom may have needed to use the experimental drug? Ethically the medical team catered more to the emotional requirements of the family opposed to physiological …show more content…
Ethics determine how decisions are made by HCO professionals to assist patients every day. Ethics committees, ethics boards, and compliance management, reduce clinical error and costs while strengthening communication and patient access. The Ethics Committee is a reflection of the HCOs perspective with concern to address community problems. Understanding the classification of ethical values helps ethics committee decision makers to apply the best ethical principle to find resolve. Based on observing LMH, and their ethics committee, they exercise business ethics which is appropriate for the healthcare setting. Business ethics and values “are regarded as typical of economic life” (Lucjan 52-55). Business ethics foundation extends from a European-American economic tradition which at the core possess the basic ethical competencies. The values are Freedom, Justice, Responsibility, Trust, Progress, Prosperity, Sustainability, and Rationality. However, these values vary in rationale and reasoning. The American way tries to make them a part of everyday business life opposed to finding a reason to justify the values. In essence, these values reflect the great Golden Rule “Do unto …show more content…
Everyone that was present truly wanted to be there to make a change not just sit idle and allow unethical conditions to digress further. Ms. New has watched many healthcare organizations compromise their ethical values to stay in business or for personal interests. However, Ms. New is proud to share she is a part of a dynamic and a growing healthcare organization that refuses to settle for mediocre healthcare. LMH strives for excellence in their workplace model, ethics committee, and ethics board. Given the HCOs purpose, they shall stand tall against competitors for at the next ten years in their journey to continue to provide healthcare to the uninsured and insured. Quality, effective, leadership is what fosters ethical compliance.

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