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How were early fire organizations started?

Usually following major fire events and by influential people in the community that wanted to give back to the public need or make a profit. People included George Washington and Benjamin Franklin

What are some areas in the 20th century that have changed significantly?

Fire prevention and education, firefighter safety, EMS, HAZMAT, Terrorism response, Natural disaster response, Professionalism, Community based fire protection.
How do organizational characteristics, cultural challenges, and cultural strengths influence the fire service?
Culture - history leads to traditions.
Organizational characteristics - Command structure, ranks, uniforms, team based.
Cultural changes - Merging dept (RFA's)
What is the mission of the fire service?
1) Life safety
2) Protect property
3) Environmental Conservation

Today most departments have adopted a "all-hazard approach"
What are the 3 main types of staffing found in the fire service?
1) Volunteer
2) Combination
3) Career
How are the duties of an engine co different from rescue squad / co?
engine co- fire suppression along with Search and Rescue and ventilation
Rescue Squad- Searches and removes victims, may perform tech rescue.
what is the central difference between line and staff functions?
line personnel - external customers, respond to emergencies.
staff personnel - Support line crews.

What is the primary duties between Firefighter 1 and Firefighter 2?

FF1 - work under the direct supervision of a FF2 or Company officer.
FF2 - Trained to coordinated the operation of FF1's or FF2's while working of the supervision or a company officer.
How are the qualifications for the different line positions regulated?
The NFPA standards set the requirements for each of the line positions. FF1 and FF2 fall under NFPA 1001.
what are the organizational principles of the fire service?
- Chain of command
- Span of control
- Discipline
- Unity of command
- Division of Labor
What should firefighters do when approached by members of the media?
Firefighters should not speak directly to the media, but should direct all questions to the PIO (public information officers)
What changes in the fire service happened in the 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, and 10's?
70's - Paramedic services
80's - Hazmat
90's - Special Ops
00's - WMD's
10's - Active Shooters
What is the difference between policies and procedure?
policies - designed to guide decisions.
Procedures - a step by step doctrine on how to conduct practices.
What governing bodies create regulations on the fire service in WA state?
Federal - OSHA
State - WISHA, Labor and Industries

What is NFPA?

National Fire Protection Agency. Creates standards, codes, rules and regulations. Created in 1896 to ensure fire and life safety.
Where and when was the first fire engine in the Colonial US?
1631 - Boston. also had the first paid department in 1678
what is panic hardware, and when did it become required?
Mounted on exit doors that unlock from the inside when pressure is applied to the mechanism. In response to the Iroquois Theater fire in Chicago in 1903 in which 602 people were killed.
What event happened to trigger major changes to fire and life safety requirements in assembly-type occupancies?
Cocoanut Grove Nightclub Fire in Boston, 1942. Killed 492 people. Caused by overcrowding, combustible interior finishes and decorations, and lack of emergency lighting.

What organization was formed to determine how to reduce fire loss. Funding determines a department’s type.

The National Commission of Fire Prevention and Control (NCFPC) by the Fire Research and Safety Act of 1968.
What NFPA Code sets that standards for firefighter qualifications and requirements?
1001 - Standards for fire fighter professional qualification.