Lake View School Fire Incident

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Lake View School

Lake View School
On March 4th the year 1908, the American Society mourned the lives of 172 students and two teachers who were trapped in by the fire that occurred at around nine o’clock in Lake View School. The fire was said to have escalated as a result of uncovered cables in the boiler room. The uncovered wires were exposed to woods which led to the fire outbreak in the basement of the school building. The fire incident led to the formulation of new laws and standards across all schools in the United States so as to deter such massive loss of lives again. Therefore, the primary focus of this assignment will be to critically discuss the Lake view school fire incident as well as the problems
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The first law that was formulated included the various measures to consider when building schools. The laws were made based on the experience of the Collinwood fire and for the promotion of students’ safety. Major laws were based on the construction strategies. In each school, there were supposed to have iron staircases, unobstructed pathways, putting concrete floors, using coverings to protect pipes and locating doors in front of the stairs (Cote & Bugbee, 2011). The United States government passed all the above laws hence their adherence is paramount.
Fire response paid, volunteer, or/and fire brigade
During the fire incident, the locals tried to get into the building although the quickly spreading fire blocked them. A small Collinwood volunteer fire department came to assist putting off the fire, but they were too late. Also, the fire department was too ill-equipped such that their fire engines could not handle the fire adequately. After an hour, the building collapsed trapping in students and teacher who lost their lives in the inferno (Rydbom & Kubat, 2013).
Length of time from dispatch to the
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As a result, the students and the two teachers were left scrambling for the one entrance in the school building. The fire was spreading very first due to the much-used wood to construct the school. In fact, there was one student who came out safely and realized his younger brother was still in the building. He went in to save him, but unluckily, they all died in the fire. Therefore, the fire claimed a lot of lives and its cause is still widely unknown despite the various claims by different sources (Cavallini, Papagni, & Preis, 2012).

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