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Reproduction is a sequence crooning with the development of the reproductive system in the _____

Embryo / Fetus

After the animal is born, it must grow and achieve _____ (sexual maturity) by acquiring the ability to produce fertile gametes (_____ and _____).




This ability must be accompanied by reproductive behavior and _____ (intercourse).


After copulation, the sperm and egg meet, _____ occurs, and it is followed by the development of the pre-attachment embryo.


The embryo attaches to the uterus by a specialized organ called the _____. It allows the fetus to grow and develop to term.


The fully developed fetus is born and the female giving birth must re-establish her _____ _____ before she can become pregnant again.

Estrus Cycle

The endocrine systemis a collection of _____ that secrete chemical messages we call _____. These signals are passed through the _____ to arrive at a target organ, which has cells possessing the appropriate ____.





Which of the following is not a sex steroid?

A) Androsteindione

B) Aldosterone

C) Testosterone

D) Estrogen

B) Aldosterone

Where does GnRH come from and what is one major function it performs?

-Comes from the hypothalamus

-Stimulates FSH and LH secretion