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Developmental Milestones (1-3 months)
raise chin from ground, turn head side-to-side; play with hands and fingers, bring objects in hand to mouth
raise, turn, play, bring
Developmental Milestones (4-6 months)
4 months-roles from abdomen to back; 5 months-sits on lap and reaches and grasps; 6 months-sits alone and stands with help; first teeth at 5-9 months
roles, sits, stands, teeth
Developmental Milestones (7-9 months)
increasing coordination; 8-9 months sits alone without support, begins crawling; 9-10 months pulls self to standing by holding furniture
coordination, sits, crawls, stands
Developmental Milestones (10-12 months)
10-11 months stands alone and walks with help; 12 months-first step alone
stands, walks
Developmental Milestones (13-15 months)
13-14 months-walks alone with wide based gait; 15 months-creeps up stairs, scribbles spontaneously, uses cup well
walks, stairs, scribbles, cup
Developmental Milestones (16-24 months)
18 months-runs clumsily, walks up stairs with hand held, uses spoon; 24 months-up and down stairs alone, kicks ball, turns book pages, 50% use toilet during the day
runs, stairs, spoon, kicks, turns, 50% toilets
Developmental Milestones (25-48 months)
30 months-jumps with both feet, good hand-finger coordination; 36 months-rides tricycle, dresses and undresses with simple clothes, toilet trained; 48 months-stable preference for right or left hand
jumps, coordination, tricycle, dresses, toilet, handedness