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A biome is best defined as________.

A broad, complex community

Which biome has low precipitation, low nutrient soils, and a diverse biota?


Which biome is characterized by warm temperatures and either high rainfall or humid air?

Tropical Moist forest

Which biome is adapted for frequent droughts?


Concerning lakes, why is most life found near shallow water?

Water is warmer

More O2 available

Sun doesnt reach deeper water

What is a keystone species?

A species directly tied to its communities survival

How have scientists changed the way they go about saving endangered species?

They aim to preserve large areas of land which encompass many species

Which technique would be used to create farmland from a forest?

Slash & Burn

Parks established internationally are ineffective because ____________.

They are rarely regulated to ensure that the land is actually being preserved.

What is the ultimate cause of widespread starvation?


What is the most significant change in recent food pyramids?

The visible presentation of proportions

A lack of iron in diet of a human can cause_____.

Problems in blood cells.

A lack of protein in diet would be a problem in a country that_____.

Does not have adequate grazing lands.

How do coastal fish farms destroy aquatic ecosystems?

They pollute the waters and spread diseases.

Which is NOT a reason why the top layer of soil is important?

It is the only layer where roots are located

What kind of soil erosion causes irreversible damage?

Gully erosion

What is NOT an element frequently used to fertilize crops?


Which disease is non pathogenic?


What organ in the human body filters out toxins from the blood?

The Liver

What is the major nutrition problem in modernized countries?


Which farm would most likely be subject to regular shelf erosion?

Farm on slight, rolling slope.

How are water logged soils harmful to crops?

Air is forced out of the soil and plants

Why is it difficult to get a species on the endangered species list?

Usually keystone species or umbrella species are easily put on the list since they impact biomes greatly. There must be a large amount of evidence for the species to show that they are important.

Explain how deforestation of tropical forests reduces the amount of rainfall.

Deforestation creates a positive feedback loop for reduction of rainfall. Plants and trees take in water when it rains and put it back into the atmosphere. When these organisms are cut down the water does not get put back into the cycle.

Describe why agriculture can be responsible for using a lot of energy.

Agriculture involves using machines and fertilizers to sustain it. They require a lot of energy to make them.

Why are parks sometimes ineffective?

Parks are not effiecent since they take up land with roads and buildings and they also cannot support an ecosystem.