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Abject (adj)
cast down, spiritless
Aesthetic (adj)
sensitive to beauty
Alacrity (n)
a cheerful briskness
Auspicious (adj)
lucky, promising, favorable
Blatant (adj)
obvious, obtrusive
Capitulate (v)
surrender on terms agreed upon, yield
Cogent (adj)
persuasive, brilliantly compelling
Conjecture (n)
suppposition, opinion
Cursory (adj)
hurried, rapid, superficial
Decorous (adj)
proper, becoming, suitable
Diffiaent (adj)
shy, timid
Disdain (v)
despise, think him unworthy
Docile (adj)
obedient, manageable, unresisting
Equanimity (n)
composure, calm temper, evenness of mind)
Facade (n)
front, false exterior
Facetious (adj)
particular, meticulous, hard to please
particular, meticulous, hard to please
Fatuous (adj)
silly, complacently foolish
Flaunt (v)
display, show off, boast of
Furtive (adj)
sly, stealthy, shifty
Glib (adj)
thoughtlessly talkative, suspicously fluent
Gregarious (adj)
good mixer, enjoy meeting people
Harague (n)
noisy, pompous speech
Idiosyncrasy (n)
oddness, eccentricity
Illicit (adj)
unlawful, furtive
Importune (v)
insistently begged, persistently urged
Incredulous (adj)
skeptical, disbelieving
Inexorable (adj)
inflexible, unyielding
Invective (n)
abuse, angry reproach
Loquacious (adj)
talkative, garrulous
Ludicrous (adj)
laughable, ridiculous
Martinet (n)
strict disciplinarian
Maudlin (adj)
weakly sentimental
Nebulous (adj)
vague, hazy
Obsequious (adj)
servily attentive, fawning
Ostracize (v)
banned from social and political favor
Panacea (n)
Pander (v)
To cater to the lower tastes and desires of others or exploit their weaknesses
Placate (v)
appease, pacify
Prodigious (adj)
huge, monstrous, mighty
Prolific (adj)
inventive, fertile, productive
Propensity (n)
leaning, bent, natural inclination
Prudent (adj)
wisely cautious
Redundant (adj)
overly wordy
Surreptitious (adj)
without proper authority
Taciturn (adj)
reserved, habitually silent
Truculent (adj)
fierce, savage, cruel
Vacillate (v)
hesitate, waver, change
Vilify (v) slandered, maligned
slandered, maligned
Vituperation (n)
verbal abuse