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What are the two Types of examples used in example essay?
Extended and Multiple
5 steps you will be able to develop an example essay in the correct order
Starting out, Forming a thesis, Organizing, Drafting, Revising and editing
three main things to do when Forming a thesis?
Several examples of a subject, Form a generalization of what you know about the topic, Avoid broad statements
When we are reading critically what does it mean if we Underline or [bracket] passages?
You find those passages particularly effective or seem especially important
When we are reading critically what does it mean if we Circle words ?
You don’t understand the words and will look them up later
When we are reading critically what does it mean if we put down ? Question marks ? in the margins for passages?
They are passages that you don’t understand
When we are reading critically what does it mean if we take notes?
You are noting associations that have occurred to you
is relatable to when we look for something to watch on television, and we switch from one to another looking for what we want to watch. We do this by scanning or skimming as we are not deeply involved in the subject nor engaged in an interaction.
Reading Critically
is where we are invested and engaged. We apply our own ideas and emotions not just to the substance but also to the writer’s interpretation of it.
is to tell a story, to relate a sequence of events that are linked in time.
represents a general group or an abstract concept or quality.
is to persuade someone to take a certain action or to think or feel a specific way.
logical arguments
based on facts and reasoning
emotional arguments
based on vivid description and details
Process analysis
explaining a sequence of actions with a specific result (the process) by dividing it into its component steps (the analysis.)
Process analysis method that tells you how to do or make something, while explanatory provides you information to understand the process.
Process analysis method that is more to give you “satisfy a curiosity that to teach them [the reader] how to perform it.
use words to depict or recreate a scene, an object, a person, or a feeling.
If narrative is telling a story how do you change how the story is told?
By which events are covered, how fully these events are covered, how these events are arranged
Four ways organize your narration essay:
Straight chronological sequence, Final event come first, Summary first then in detail later, Flashback (shift backward rather than forward
2 ways to show clear organization in your essay
Consistent point of view throughout, and Your position is relevant to the events
2 Types of examples used in example essay
Extended and Multiple
6 steps to drafting
examples are plentiful and specific, Use fifteen different examples, Each example should have 1-2 sentences each, If you have smaller number of examples each should be described in detail in more sentences, and Clearly illustrate your generalization
3 key questions to Division/Analysis Essay
unfamiliar to your readers, familiar to your readers, readers may dispute your way of looking at your subject
Which of the following are three appeals that an argumentative essay uses?
Ethical, Emotional, and Rational appeal
We use signal phrases in MLA papers to signal which of the following?
Use of a paraphrase, Use of a summary, and Use a direct quotation of another writer’s work in our paper
What are the two ways to use this the Process Analysis method?
Directive or Explanatory
Which of the following is an example of a signal phrases
Acknowledges, Emphasizes, Illustrates, Suggests, and Argues
most signal phrases include
Name of the author and how the material fits in the context of your argument