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Smallest particle of a compound.
"best mixed" of all mixtures
Two or more substances mixed together but not chemically combined.
A type of homogeneous mixture formed when one substance dissolves in another.
Homogeneous Mixture
"well mixed" mixture.
Characteristics of a Homogeneous Mixture
Appears to be the same throughout. Particles are very small, particles not easily recognized
Heterogeneous Mixture
"Least mixed" mixture
Characteristics of a Heterogeneous Mixture
Particles can be seen. Particles can be seperated easily.
Two or more elements chemically combined to form a new substance.
Characteristics of a Solution
Particles are not large enough to be seen. Cannot be easily seperated. Particles are evenly spread out. Appear clear and transparent.
Two examples of indicators.
Litmus Paper

Red Cabbage Juice
Chemical Formula
Combination of chemical symbols. A shorthand way or representing chemical substances.
A number placed to the lower right of a chemical symbol the gives the number of atoms of an element in the compound.
Chemical Equation
A description of a chemical reaction using symbols and formulas.
The number in front of a chemical symbol.
A substance that changes color when it is mixed with an acid or a base.
Characteristics of an Acid
1. Contains hydrogen.

2. Has a sour tasted.
Characteristics of a Base
1. Contains oxygen and hydrogen.
2. Taste bitter.
3. Feels slippery.
The substance that is dissolved in a solution.
The substance that does the dissolving in a solution.
Characteristics of a Mixture
1.Substances keep their own properties
2. No new substance is formed
3. Normally substances can be seperated by physical means.
4. Substances in the mixture can be present in any amount.