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Building Blok 1:
Form a Circle
establishs an atmosphere that allows everyone an equal right to speak and be heard and where win-win solutions can take place.
Building Block 3:
Create an Agenda
Students and teachers record concerns in a designated"notebook" and only those concerns are addressed.
Building Block 4:
Develop Communication Skills
taking turns speaking, using "I" statements, seek solutions not blame, conclusions = "we decided"
Building Block 6: Recognize the Four reasons people do what they do
Four mistaken goals of misbehavior--undue attention, power, revenge, and giving up
Building Block 2:
Practice Compliments and Appreciation
Begin on a positive note by saying complimentary things--something to thank others for, something that made them feel good about themselves.
Building Block 5:
Learn about Separate Realities
understanding that not everyone is the same or thinks the same--each has special talents as well as limitations
Building Block 7: Practice Role Playing and Brainstorming
By third class meeting students work through problem and select a solution using discussion, role play, brainstorming
Building Block 8: Focus on Nonpunitive Solutions
Three R's
Related to what they did wrong
Respectful of them as people
Reasonable punishment fits offense