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Tassili n' Ajier

Mountains with small caves in them. More like holes really, not deep.

6,000 bc people used to live there

15,000 paintings on the caves

the paintings were in 6,000 bc

Ice caps once covered the Sahara?



Painting on a rock


Carved stone picture

patha-darker stone

What is Bovidian Period?

Named after Bovine, cows


Lived in there till Christian period

A lot settles along the river after they left Tas

How many Nile river paintings

5 - 4000

Ginger Man

Naturally mummified body

become somewhat popular

rolled in sand

Badarian Pottery

Named after El' Badari

Black at top and Red at bottom

Beaker sort of shape

Tall and thin

found around 4,000 BC

Early neo, late copper age

Not made well since made by hand


From cemetaries, in upper egypt

White on red

short and squat

zig zag patterns and sunburts

Had animals and people occasionally

Dunno if it meant anything

Gerzean/Naqad II

Found in lower Egypt in homes

Black on White

bowl shaped pots, jugs

Had holes, maybe suspended by rope

Had boat drawings on it and cabins on top

Long poles may have been Nome code


Much more representational

May have contained oil

some don't have boats


Carved into bind, other things


Broken piece of pottery stone

used as a scratch piece/practice

silk cloth

3-4000 bc

Boat pictures

held up well in dry climate

What did women do at funerals?

They used to pull their hair out

There were also professional mourners


Found in small building near Luxor

possible tomb, shrine or home

Upper Egypt

Did Egyptian likes to work in stone?


Thebes old name and the new name is...

Luxor is the new name

Mace head of King Scorpian

Used in battle/ceremonial

it was a club

hieratic scale

Bigger meant better

Canon means

it means it's standard and refers to pose

cosmetic palace

Grinded Malekite, make coal

made eyeliner, shadow a whole bunch of makeup

Small indention in it

Some what medicinal

Took on fancier shapes later on

turned into animal pallets which were cute

Palette of the two dogs

Wasn't used for makeup

used as a trophy

lead up to Egyptian art

Main Images exoressed and stablized in the ...

4th dynasty

The function of egyption art was too..

express religion abstratctions

Religion was a cult...

but it was not a cult like in today standard