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The paring of eletrodes in a differential amplifier
Displays the difference in electrical potential recorded between 2 electrodes of the derivation
Logically sequencing dervations by planes to systematically view the electrical energy of the brain
What is the 10-10 system?
Used in epilepsy and others- when electrodes are placed inbewteen the 10-20 electrodes for a more
What are the two types of montages?
Bipolar and referential
What is a bipolar montage?
Created when input 2 electrode is the input 1 electrode of the next channel
Longitudinal Bipolar
Anterior to posterior (front to back) - double banana
Transverse Bipolar
(left to right across the head)
Circumferential Bipolar
Around the head passing through 10% marks (hatband/halo)
What channels make up the left parasagittal?
Fp1 - F3; F3 - C3; C3 - P3- P3 - 01
What channels make up the right parasagital?
Fp2 - f4; F4 - C4; C4 - P4; P4 - O2
What channels make up the left temporal?
Fp1 - F7; F7 - T3; T3 - T5; T5 - O1
What channels make up the right temporal?
Fp2 - F8; F8 - T4; T4 - T6; T6 - O2
What channels make up the sagittal?
Fz - Cz; Cz - Pz
What is an advantage of a longitudinal montage?
Clear tracing due to noise cancelation- each group starts with an eye movement artifact and ends with alpha- phase reversals easy to identify- easy to view symmetry between hempispheres
What is a Common Mode?
The area between two electrodes that both electrodes pick up and is therefore canceled out
What are the disadvantages of a longitudinal Montage?
not a true representation of volatage due to cancelation - difficult to determine if activity that stands out is dominant in the parasagittal or temporal areas- end of chains are only partially localized
Advantages of transvers bipolar montage
clear tracing due to noise cancellation- left to right across midline helps distinguish if activity that stands out is dominant in the parasagittal or temporal areas
Disadvantage of a transverse bipolar montage
Symmetry between hemispheres not as well detected as LB
Advantages of a circumferential Bipolar Montage?
Further localize at the end of the chain - effects Fp1- Fp2- O1- O2
Disadvantage of a circumfrential bipolar montage
Can be confusing when looking at frontopolar and occipital areas
Advantages of a referntial Montage?
True representation of voltage (quiet reference)
Disadvantages of referntial Montage?
Contaminated reference- Reference electrode not really neutral.
What are the arrangements of referential montage?
Left/Right Military style- Vertex Style (referenced to Cz)
What is an average reference montage?
Mathematical calculation - adds the voltages of each electrode and divides the total number of electrodes. Usually omits electrodes with higher voltages and electrodes effected by a focus
advantages of an average reference montage
true representation of voltage (quiet reference)- localilize focal activity- if the same noise is present in all electrodes then the refernce elecrode will cancel all that out
disadvantages of an average reference montage
reference is not really neutral- hard to determine what electrodes to use in the reference- contamination of reference
Laplacian reference montage
The reference is a mathmatical average of four surrounding electrodes (example C3 - referenced to average (F3 + P3 + Cz + Tz)/4
advantages of laplacian reference
true representation of voltage- helps localize focal activity
disadvantages of laplacian reference
reference electrode not really neutral- hard to determine electrodes to include when 1 electrode is on the edge of the array- contamination of reference- different reference for each electrode
Things to help us visually see an EEG
Leave a gap between planes- change color of planes
What is the system reference?
incoming signal is recorded using a common reference electrode- the computer then cancels out what is common in all of the electrodes to get the true voltage of each input and cancel out the reference montage