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What is the objective of the NAMP?
"To achieve and continually improve aviation material readiness and safety standards established by the CNO/COMNAVAIRFOR with optimum use of manpower, material, facilities, and funds"
What is the job of the MO?
Maintenance Officer

To manage the department; is responsible to the CO for the accomplishment of the department's mission
What are three jobs of the AMO?
Aircraft Maintenance Officer

1 -To assist the MO in the performance of duties and to keep the MO fully informed of matters concerning the department

2 - To coordinate temporary assigned duty (TAD) personnel

3 - To manage the SE training and licensing program
What is the MMCO responsible for?
Maintenance/Material Control Officer

- Responsible for the overall production and material support of the department

- Responsible for preparing and publishing the MMP
What is the job of MMCPO?
Maintenance Masterchief Petty Officer

-Senior Enlisted Advisor for the Maintenance Department

-Reports to the MO and advises the CO in all matters affecting aircraft operations, aircraft maintenance, and department personnel.

-Directs maintenance in an operational unit on a day-to-day basis in support of its operations and missions.
What are the responsibilities of the QAO?
Quality Assurance Officer

- To ensure personnel assigned to perform QA functions receive continuous training in inspecting, testing, and quality control methods as applicable

- To ensure QARs receive cross training (local training courses, OJT, rotation of assignments, PQSs, and formal schools)
What is the primary responsiblity of the MCO?
Maintenance Control Officer

- Will be a supply corps officer assigned as the MCO for handling of finances/material requisition