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After presenting a LUN to a Linux host, which utility is used to configure a partition?


Where is the CHAP iSCSI username and password stored on a RedHat 4 host?


Which criterion must be met before executing the storagepool –destroy command with NavisphereSecure CLI?

Complete removal of all LUNs from the pool

What is an advantage of the VAAI feature when provisioning an ESXi host from a VNX array?

Some workload can be offloaded from the host to the array freeing up host resources

In which order is a File System made available to clients on the network through NFS?

Create the FS, Mount the FS on the Data Mover, Export the File System, Create a mountpointon client, mount the export on the client

Which statement is true about metaLUNs?

Private LUN expansion is unsupported on metaLUNs

A storage administrator is preparing to provision storage for a data warehouse application. Whatcan the administrator do to maximize application performance?

Use SAS drives to create a RAID 5 RAID Group with High Bandwidth Reads enabled.

What default option does a newly created file system have when it is NFS exported?


An administrator tries to modify the quota settings on a CIFS share using a Windows 2000 server,but the Quota tab does not exist in the network drive properties. What could be a possible cause?

Exporting is implemented at the file system subdirectory level on VNX OE for File.

What occurs after data compression of a RAID-group LUN?

Source LUN is unbound from the RAID-group.

What are features of VNX Snapshots?

Uses redirect on first write.Lower write performance impact.

How do storage pool thick LUNs affect capacity?

A storage pool thick LUN uses slightly more capacity than the amount of user data written

What is the correct VNX Block – based VAAI operation?

Array Accelerated Full Copy

When creating a SnapView session, where can a consistent start occur?

On multiple source LUNs

What is a critical capacity consideration when configuring traditional RAID Groups on a VNXarray?

Larger RAID 5 groups maximize the capacity available

What is a critical performance and availability consideration when configuring traditional RAIDGroups on a VNX array?

Larger RAID 5 groups have increased risk to availability and higher IO throughput

A storage administrator wants to enable data compression on inactive backup volumes that areconfigured on storage pool LUNs. How does VNX data compress storage pool LUNs?

Storage pool LUNs are compressed in place.

A Linux host has been set up and successfully connected to the VNX array, but the localadministrator cannot issue CLI commands. What is a possible explanation of this behavior?

The local administrator was not added to the host agent configuration file

Where can the VNX Snapshot parameters be configured?

Pool advanced tab

he Unified Storage Management plugin for VMware assists in automating the provisioning ofstorage on a VNX Storage System. What types of storage can be provisioned through theProvision Storage wizard?


How does host file system defragmentation of pool LUNs affect VNX performance?

Causes heavy loading of cache and back-end ports and may result in a decrease in systemperformance.

A Storage Administrator is provisioning storage from a VNX array to a Windows 2003 host. Which best practice should be considered to ensure maximum performance?

Align the user data on LUNs on a 1024kB boundary with Diskpart

In which file format can Unisphere monitoring graphical statistics be exported?


A SnapView snapshot can have how many snapshots of the source LUN?


What describes the process to read a Snapview Snapshot from a secondary host?

Secondary host issues read.Unchanged data is read from the source LUN.Old data is read from the reserve LUN pool.

In addition to EFD 3.5, which drive options are supported in VNX series arrays?

SAS 3.5 and 2.5, NL-SAS 3.5

What is the maximum number of Fibre Channel initiator ports, per Linux host, supported by VNXfor Block?


Where are VNX SnapView fracture logs stored?

clone private lun

What can be used to Discover iSCSI targets?

Unisphere Server Utility

What should be done prior to manually stopping a SnapView session that is running?

Flush the host buffers and deactivate the snapshot

Which dependency will prevent a Virtual Network device from being deleted?

In use by another virtual device.

What happens when a reverse synchronization completes without Protected Restore Modeenabled?

Only the reverse-synchronized clone remains unfractured.

A Storage Administrator is configuring a new VNX array. There are 10 MS Exchange Servers tobe connected to this array. What configuration will maximize performance while isolating the backend IO traffic from eachhost?

Thick LUNs from traditional RAID Groups

What will be the status of FAST Cache on the LUNs that were created prior to the installation ofFast Cache Enabler?

FAST Cache will be disabled, but can be enabled manually.

What is a valid characteristic of striped metaLUNs? Striped metaLUNs:

Must be built from the same RAID types and sizes

Which RecoverPoint configuration details can be presented in report format when using DataProtection Advisor?

Replication sets

The file system for an SQL database is running low on available capacity. The database is runningon a Windows Server 2008 host connected to a VNX Block array. The file system LUN isconfigured in a FAST VP enabled pool. How can the storage administrator add capacity without disrupting the users?

Expand the LUN online and then extend the file system on the host

What specific VNX model uses a Storage Processor Enclosure?

VNX 5700

Which Linux kernel supports dynamic LUN scanning?


What software features are included in the VNX Application Protection Suite?

Replication Manager and Data Protection Advisor for BLOCK Replication

What is a characteristic of tree quotas?

Tree quotas cannot be set on existing directories

You are configuring the reserve LUN pool on a new VNX. What LUN types can be added to thereserve LUN pool?

Thick pool LUNs and traditional LUNs.

What is the default File System Type for VNX File?


Which VDM state results in the VDM being mounted during a Data Mover boot?


What is the location of the host agent configuration file on a Linux host?


In which file are the audit events defined?