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What are the colors of the poodle?
The colors of the poodle's are solid colors.
Do you know what kind of dog that is really small that could fit on a purse?
The chihuhua is really small and could fit on a purse.
What's the most proper dog to have at home if you want one?
The most proper dog to have in house is chihuhua or the toy poodle.I recomend not to buy a labrador,french or standard poodle.
Do you know what kind of dog is white,black or gray and is fluffy?
the poodle has fluffy hair and it's colors are white, black,or gray.
What's the color of the french bulldog?
The french bulldog's color's are fawn,white,or brindle and white in color.
Can dogs eat candy?
Dogs can eat candy because then they would get sick. You would have to take him/her to the vet and that cost money.
What dogs help blind people?
One of the dogs that help's blind people is german sheperd,the golden retriver, the labrador retriver, and the doberman retriver those are the dogs that help blind people.
How do dogs communicate?
Dogs communicate by their barking
Do you know the colors of the dalmatians?
The dalmatian it's a white and black spotted dog.
Do you know what kind of dog has spots of black and the rest is white?
The dalmatian has black spots and the rest is white.