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What is a poodle?
A poodle is a dogs that is intelligent with a heavy coat of solid color.
What can dogs eat?
Dogs eat food like meat.
What can dogs do for exercising?
You can take your dog for walks with you or when you teach your dogs tricks it could be like exercising or your dog can run aroun in your yard.
What is a Greyhound?
A Greyhound is a dog that is tall and has good eyesight and a smooth coat.
What is a Hound?
A Hound is a dog that has dropy ears.
What is a husky dog?
A husky dog is a dog that is strong and pulls sleds in Alask.
What are the colors of Dalmatians spots?
The colors of spots Dalmatians usually have are black or brown.
What is a dog?
A dog is an animal that eats meat and is related to the wolfs and foxes.
How many spots do Dalmatians have when there born?
Dalmatians have no spots at all when there born.
What is a Bulldog?
A Bulldog is a dog that has short hair and a stocky powerful build.