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High impact strength, good toughness, strength, scratch resistant, lightweight and durable

PC monitors, safety helmets, some car parts, kitchen products, LEGO


Food safe, tough, hard, durable, easily machined

Signs, lenses for car lights, credit cards

Polypropylene PP

Lightweight, food safe, good impact resistance, good chemical resistance

Food containers, medical equipment, string and rope

High Impact Polystyrene HIPS

Good impact resistance, good strength, good stiffness, lightweight

Toys, fridge lining

Polystyrene PS

Expanded Polystyrene

Lightweight, rigid, low impact strength

Disposable cups sound and heat insulation

(Expanded is packaging foam)

Low density polystyrene LDPE

Low density, low stiffness, low rigidity, good chemical resistance

Detergent bottles toys, cariier bags

High density polystyrene HDPE

High Density, good stiffness, good chemical resistance

Crates, bottles, buckets and bowls

Polyvinyl Chloride uPVC

Good Chemical resistance, resistant to weathering, rigid, hard, tough, lightweight, can be coloured

Pipes, guttering, bottles, window frames

Polyvinyl Chloride (Unplasticised) PVC

Good Chemical resistance, resistant to weathering, rigid, hard, tough, lightweight, can be coloured

Flexible hose, hoes pipes, cable insulation

Polycarbonate PC

Good Chemical resistance, expensive material, Very tough

Protective shields, safety glasses, safety helmets, light covers


Moderate chemical resistance

Fibres used to make: clothes, blow moulded bottles, electrical tapes, audio/video tapes