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What are nomothetic explainations?
nomothetic seeks to explain a class of situations or events rather then a single event. It explains using just a few events and is partial rather then a full explanation.
What is the idiographic model?
Is the complete, and in depth understanding of one specific case and its causes.
what are some downfalls of exploratory research?
- they seldom provide satisfactory answers
- they lack repersentativeness; meaning the people studied are not typical of the larger population
What is scientific inquiry?
Scientific inquiry is making observations and interperting what you've observed.
Exploratory and description are two of the three purposes of social research. What is the third way and what purpose does it fill?
Explaination is the third and its purpose is to explain the why in things.
What is exploration and what purpose does it serve in social research? What methods are typically used?
Exploration is used to familiarize a researcher with a specific topic and occurs when a researcher examines a new interest or when the research of a topic is new.
Exploration has three purposes: 1. to satisfy curiosity; 2. to test feasiblity of more indepth study; 3. to develop methods
Methods used in exploratory research are focus groups, and small group discussions.
What is are some of the falacies in causal relationships? and what does each one mean?
Complete causation means that it is the only cause of the effect.
Exceptional cases do not disprove causal relationships
Majority of Cases this means that causal relationships can be true even if they don't apply to the majority.
Why is description a usefull purpose in the role of social research?
This method is used to describe situations and events. Qualitative studies aim primarly description
What are the three main criteria for nomothetic casual relatinships?
- variables must correlate
- cause takes place before the effect
- the variables are nonspurious
What is a spurious relationship?
A spurious relationship is when the effect is explained in terms of a third variable.
What is a necessary cause?
A necessary cause is a condition that must be present for the effect to fallow, but is not the only or sufficent cause.
What is correlation?
is a relationship between two variables.
What is a sufficient cause?
a sufficient cause is condition that when present guarantees the effect.
What two tasks does the social researcher face in designing a project?
(1)specify what you want to find out and(2)determine the best way to do it.
What is ment by unit of analysis?
The unit of analysis is who and what is being studied.
What are the three most common purposes social research can serve?
- exploration
- description
- explaination