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Honey colored crust


Intensely pruritic, circumscribed raise, erythematous eruption with central pallor

uticaria (hives)

Diffuse, velvety thickening of skin that is usually located behind neck and axilla. It is associated with diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity and GI cancer

Acanthosis Nigricans

Bright, beefy rash


Herald Patch (Christmas tree rash)

Pityrisis Rosea

Well circumscribed lesion found on trunk

tinea corpis

sandpaper textured rash

Strept infection

Pearly domed nodule

Basal cell carcinoma

Bites treatment: human, dogs, cats


Onchymycosis treatment

fungal nail infection

tx: terbinate (6-12 weeks)

watch for hepatoxicity, drug-drug interactions

Wagner Grading System Diabetic Ulcers of Foot

0- skin intact

1- superficial ulcer of skin

2- ulcer extends to tendon, bone, capsule

3- deep ulcer with osteomyelitis or abcess

4- gangrene to portion of foot

5- extensive gangrene to foot

White spots that appear on the skin and change over time. Most commonly found on gential and rectal areas. Shinny and smooth. Skin appears thin and crinkled, tears easily.

Lichen sclerosus

Herpes Zoster treatmetn

NSAIDs or non-narcotic analgesics for pain

antiviral agent if patient presents within 72 hr of symptoms (acyclovir, famiclovir)

Capsaicin cream for post-herpetic neuralgia

Herpes zoster vaccination >60 immunocompromised

Mild Acne Treatment

Retin A, Benzamycin Cream, Cleocin (topical only)

Moderate acne treatmetn

benzamycin and oral tetracyclne or doxycycline

Severe acne treatmet

accutane (category X)

Rules of Nines

Body surface: 9% (each arm, head)

Body surface: 18% (each leg, anterior trunk, posterior trunk)

Tinea Infections (dermatophytosis) treatment

Diagnostic test: Kolt Slide

Tx: OTC Topical azoles, allylamines, Lactrimin, Monistat, Lamisil

Burn that blanches with ease


Burn that is raw and moist


Burn that is white a leathery


Maculopapular rash in a lace like pattern

Fifth Disease

Maculopapular rash that is oval- shaped with a Heralds patch

Pityriasis rosea

Sudden onset of large hot and indurated red skin lesion that has clear demarcated margins. Usually located on lower legs (shins) or cheeks. Accompanied by fever and chills

Erysipelas (cellulitis involving upper dermis and superficial lymphatics)

Highest potency topical corticosteroid

Clobetasol propionate 0.05% (Temvoate)

Bacteria causing bullous impetigo

staph aureaus

bacteria causing non-bullous impetigo

staph and step a

treatment for rosacea


potentioal adverse effects of long term high potency topical corticosteroid use


skin atrophy

adrenal suppression

treatement for stasis ulcer

compression therapy (unna boot)

absent popliteal pulses, hairless foot ulcer
with "punched out" appearance

arterial insufficiency ulcer

most common causative organisms in cellulitis

group A beta- heme strep

staph aureaus

an afebrile patient with abcessess <5cm and otherwise health, first line treatment

incision, drainage, and localized care

Small, rough pink to reddish lesions that do not heal. They are located on sun-exposed areas such as cheeks, nose, back, arms, and chest. More common in light skinned individuals. Are precancerous lesions.

actinic keratosis

When treating psoriasis you would avoid what, which can cause rebound flares

systemic steroids

Carla is a 42 y/o female patient who tell syou that she had a mosquito bite on her leg that has now become bright red and raised. What is the dx?


a subtype of cellulitus involving upper levels of skin, caused by beta step

Impetigo with lesions treatment

mupricocin (Bactroban)--- 1st line




Uncomplicated Cellulitis treatment



PCN allergy: clindamycin or macrolide

MRSA/Complicated Cellulitis treatment

cephalexin or

dicloxacillin or



trimethoprim- sulfamethazole