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what is physical loss?
loss of part of body or aspects of body
( mastectomy)
What 4 things are involved in the grieving process?
1. Accepting the reality of the loss
2. Working through the pain
3. Adjustment to a changed environment
4. emotionally relocation or moving on with life
what is an example of psychological loss?
an emotional lose
what is complicated grief?
associated with traumatic death or sudden death
What is algor mortise?
when body temperature decreases
resulting in lack of skin elasticity
What is the definition of death?
Cessation of life beyond the possibility of resuscitation
diagnosed with no heartbeat
absence of brain waves on EEG
how many neurosurgeon s is required to take person off ventilator
what is uncomplicated grief?
reaction after loss that runs a predictable course and ends with relinquish of loss object & resumption of duties of life
What is definition of actual loss?
loss of someone or something
what is dysfunctional grief?
persistent pattern of intense grief that does not result in reconciliation of feelings
what is disenfranchised grief?
not openly acknowledged socially, sanctioned or publicly shared
Grief can become disenfranchised when individual either reluctant to recognize the sense of loss & develops guilt feeling or feelings by society to move on
what is liver mortise?
bluish-purplish discoloration of skin usually at pressure points
by product of Red Blood Cell destruction
what is shadow grief?
unresolved sadness felt by professional after death of patient
may cause illness or burn outs
what is perceived loss?
sense of loss felt by individual but not tangible to others
( self esteem)
what is anticipatory grief?
occurrence of grief work before an expected actually loss occurs
( terminal illness)
What is rigor Mortise?
stiffening of body ( usually) 2-4 hrs after death
result of contractions of skeletal and smooth muscles
What are the 5 stages of grief according to Kubler-Ross?
Denial/ Isolation
what are some common signs of approaching death?
extremities become cool, mottled and pale
breathing pattern changes
eyes, lips, become dry
Blood pressure decreases Pulse & Temperature increase
pupils become fixed and dilated
may become Hypoxis
systolic less than70
diastolic less than50
decrease urine output
incontinence of urine & bowels