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What is the primary mission of AN/SLQ-32B (V)2?

Anti-ship missile defense (ASMD)

What is the secondary mission of AN/SLQ-32B (V)2?

Electronic support (ES)

What types of chaff do we use? Which is the primary decoy?

MK214 Seduction

MK245 Giant IR

MK234 Nulka (primary decoy)

Describe the MK214 Seduction.

Fire and forget, creates a bloom of radar reflective tinfoil to seduce missile away from ship

Describe the MK245 IR.

5 flares to deceive heat seeking missiles, i.e. "Roman Candle"

What is the flight time of the MK234?

70 seconds

How many missiles can the MK234 seduce at once?

Up to 10

What is the SLA-10B?

Blanks own ships emitters

What is JTT?

Used to receive BMD information and IR missile warning

What is River City?

Used to control the flow of information to and from ship for OPSEC and force protection; restricts IP services to select people

What is R/C 1?

Restricted to triad, chaps, medical, and radio

What is R/C 2?

Restricted to department heads

What is R/C 3?

Restricted to DLCPO's

What is R/C 4?


What is EMCON?

Emissions Control; used to manage and control the EM spectrum of own force

What is EMCON A?

Completely silent

What is EMCON B?

SATVUL (Satellite Vulnerability)

What is EMCON C?

HVU (protect other ships)

What is EMCON D?

Essential emissions only, normal operations

What is passive countermeasures?

Program to reduce RADAR cross section of ship

What are the 3 different types of passive countermeasures?



Window film