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Primitive Period- When? Focus?
up to 3000 BC; 1. communication 2. religious rituals
4 main types of of dance in the primitive period?
1. dance as imitation 2. medicine dance 3. commemorative dance 4. dance for spiritual connection
In the Ancient Period the Ancient Indian Dance was known as __________ _________.
Bharata Natyam
The Ancient Indian temple dancers were praised for what 3 things?
skill, stamina, grace
The Middle Ages were also known as the _____ ______.
Dark Ages
In the Middle Ages, dance began to decline and was frowned upon because it was viewed as ______.
Who/what dictated what happened in society?
the Church
The Dance of Death was also known as the _____ _______.
Dance Macabre
The Dance of Death was characterized by dancing with complete _________ almost as if _________.
delirium; possessed
What were the four most influential people of the Renaissance Beroque Period?
Katherine Demedici, Louis XVI, Pierre Beauchamps, Jean George Noverre
Katherine Demedici was known as the "_____ ___ _______"
mother of dance
Katherine Demedici was ______ by birth but married and became queen of ______.
italian; France
Katherine Demedici was responsible for bringing dance to France where she introduced what?
the court ballet
The first performed court ballet was ______ _______ __ __ ____ in _____.
Ballet Comique de la Reine, 1581
Louis XIV was known as the "____ _____"
Sun King
Louis XIV was responsible for what ballet?
the Ballet de la Nuit
Louis XIV established the Royal Academy of Dance in ____.
Louis XIV was the first to attempt what?
to professionalize ballet
Louis XIV was the first to develop the separation between the audience and performers creating a more serious and theatrical performace. This development is known as what?
proscenium stage
Pierre Beauchamps was the teacher of Louis XIV, who developed and codefined what 4 things?
the french ballet terminology, the 5 basic positions of the feet, rules of ballet technique, turned out leg
Who wrote the essay "Letters on Dancing Ballet?"
Jean George Noverre
"Letters on Dancing Ballet" emphasized the importance of what two things?
plot and emotion
Noverre believed we should simplify what?
What is pantomime?
a series of hand gestures instead of words used to communicate
The height of the Romantic period was when?
between the 1830s and 1850s
What are the five characteristics of Romantic ballets?
1. divided into 2 acts- act 1: light (village) act 2: dark (forest)
2. foreign lands en pointe
4. fascination with supernatural
5.long romatic tutus
What were tutus made out of?
What is the ballet blanc?
white ballet
Two Famous ballet blancs?
La Sylphide and Giselle
La Sylphide was first created for _____ ______ by ________ _______.
Marie Taglioni; Phillipo Taglioni (her father)
La Sylphide is set where?
What two things did the choreographers to make the dancers appear to be flying?
mechanical devices, dancing en pointe
Who choreographed Giselle?
Jules Perrot
Jules Perrot also choreographed the Pas de Quatre. Why is this ballet so significant?
brought together the 4 most famous prima ballerinas including Marie Taglioni
The Classical Period is similar to the Romantic Period except for:
divided into 3 or 4 acts
Who was French by birth but moved to Russia as a dancer?
Marius Petipa
Marius Petipa was more known for being a ______ rather than a dancer.
Petipa led what country to become the leading country in ballet?
Name Petipa's 3 most famous Classical ballets.
Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, the Nutcracker
The Imperial Ballet performed in the Imperial Theater in what city and what is it called today?
St. Petersburg, Russia; now known as "Kirov Ballet" and performed at the Maryinsky Theater
Who's music was used in Petipa's 3 classical Ballets?
Marius Petipa developed what?
the rankings of dancers
What are the rankings of dancers?
lowest- corps de ballet (body of the ballet)
middle- soloists
highest- principal dancers- prima ballerina (f) primeur del seur (M)
The Grande Pas de Deaux (large dance for two) always follows what 3 guidelines?
1. starts with slow adagio
2. then variations/solos
3. then coda
Who helped choreograph swan lake with Marius Petipa?
Lev Ivanov
Four characters of Swan Lake and their roles?
Odette- good white swan
Prince Siegfried- falls in love with Odette
Von Rothvart-transformed Odette, evil magician
Odile- evil swan, tricked Prince Siegfried
The Children of Theater Street documents what ballet school in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Imperial Ballet School
The Contemporary Period was in what time period and involved what two countries?
early to mid 1900s; America and Russia
Serge Diaghilev was not a dancer but a lover of the arts that created the _____ _____ which is a company that produces new and innovative dances.
Ballet Russes
Who choreographed the Dying Swan?
Michel Fokine