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1. "Any port in a storm" Explain
In a emergency we will accept help from any source and in any place, even from an unpleasant person.
8. What is "blitzkrieg"?
A form of warfare used by German forces in World War II. Troops in vehicles, such as tanks make quick surprise strikes with support from airplanes.
5. Who was Clara Barton?
A reformer and nurse of the 19th century, who founded the American Red Cross in the 1880s. She had organized nursery care for union soilders during the Civil War.
7. What is an appropriation?
The allocation grant of money by a legislature for some specific purpose. "Check" on executive and judicial branch.
10. What is an asset?
A possession that can be turned into cash to cover liabilities; anything of value.
6. Define: anarchism
The belief that all existing governmental authority should be abolished and replaced by free cooperation among individuals.
4. What is "ante-bellum"?
A descriptive term for objects and institutions, especially houses, that originated 30-40 years before the civil war.
2. "As the crow flies" means?
The most direct route between two places.
9. Define: blackball
A rejection of an applicant's membership in a private organization, such as a club.
3. What is babershop singing?
A style of singing in parts for small groups, usually four singers of the same sex.