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1. Name five geographic features shared by Canada and the United States.
The Atlantic Coast, the Appalachian Mts., the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Great Lakes, the Rocky Mts., and the Pacific Mt. Ranges.
2. What are the 4 main ethnic groups of Canadians?
British, French, Eskimo (Inuit), and Indian.
3. Give 3 major differences between the Maritime, Central, and Western Provinces.
Maritime Provinces:
Central Provinces:
Western Provinces:
4. Which European country first explored and claimed the land around the St. Lawrence River?
5. What kind of government does Canada have?
6. Which province fits each description?
a. Prince Edward Island.
b. Quebec.
c. Ontario.
d. Ontario.
e. Saskatchewan.
f. Newfoundland.
g. New Brunswick.
h. Manitoba.
i. Quebec.
j. British Columbia.
k. Alberta.
7. Name the 2 national languages of Canada.
English and French.
8. Why is southern Ontario such an important region of Canada?
It's the center of Canada's industry and population.
9. What is the largest metropolitan area in Canada?
Toronto, Ontario.
10. Why are Canada's territories valuable despite their cold climates?
The territories have resources.
Yukon Territory - gold, lead, zinc.
Northwest Territories - petroleum, animals (for trapping), fishing, lead, zinc, diamonds.
Nunavut - ports.