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Who seeks confessions from Rebecca Nurse and other condemned prisoners?
Rev. Hale. He wants to save their lives.
What unexpected action does Abigail take in this act?
she leaves town. I think she knew proctor would be hanged and didn't want anyone and didn't want anyone to know she has been lying.
what decision torments John proctor?
He had to make the decision of either keeping it to himself or telling the truth about witchcraft.
what conflict does Elizabeth experience as her husband seeks her guidance?
she is very upset because she wants him to live and also told him to do what he thinks is the right thing to do.

A. what does John proctor have "no tongue for?

B. why does proctor confess and then retract his


A .has no tongue for accusing other of witchcraft

B. he wanted keep his good name.

Why does Elizabeth say her husband his

goodness as he is about to be hanged?

because he told the truth and was wise about saying it.