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privileged communication
statute in a state that protects counselors - and others - from revealing confidential disclosures
Does MN have privileged communication for counselors?
subjective distress
one's personal level of distress
Give an example of a supporting statement.
It may take time for you to feel better.
What can you use to assess mental status?
appearance, attitude, speech, psychomotor behavior, mood, affect, cognitions
In the ABC Crisis Intervention Model, what does the "A" stand for?
In the ABC Crisis Intervention Model, what does the "B" stand for?
Beliefs (perhaps most important phase)
In the ABC Crisis Intervention Model, what does the "C" stand for?
What does CCP mean?
Crisis Communication Plan
What needs to be in a suicide contract?
You need to have written down how long the contract is for (the day, the week, until a certain time, etc.). Make sure that you check in with them at that time.
written goals and ideas based on regulations, rules, school philosophy, etc.
steps involved in dealing with crises as they occur
detailed actual steps to be implemented in crisis situations
What does ISIS mean?
Is It Safe?
Name 2 effects of crisis that would be opportunities.
growth, insight, coping skills, change
Name 2 effects of crises that would be dangers/detriments.
suicide, homocide, psychosis, lack of confidence, phobias, inhibited behavior
ego strength
the ability to maintain a realistic view of life during stressful and nonstressful times (ability to react positively to personal crises and be successful)
without crisis, __________ is not possible
What are other factors of crisis prone personalities?
material resources, personal resources, & social resources
What are some examples of material resources?
money, shelter, survival means
What are examples of personal resources?
ego strength, past experiences
What are examples of social resources?
friends, family, church, aid agencies
What is a developmental crisis?
dramatic change or shift in normal events (ex. birth of a child)
What is a situational crisis?
an uncommon event (ex. rape, divorce)
What is an existential crisis?
inner conflict (ex. midlife crisis)
What is an environmental crisis?
natural disaster