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the mus/system is formatter by
anatomic site
list 5 tips for coding this section
~ identify if procedure is soft tissue or bone
~treatment for traumatic injury or med condition
~ identify most specific site
~ determine if description includeds grafting or fixation
~single or multiple site
fractures are coded by
3 repair methods
all fractures and dislocations are coded based on what?
reason for treatment
words used interchangeably to mean attempted restoration to normal anatomic site
skeletal traction
use of internal devices
(pins, screws, wires)
skin traction
involves strapping or tape
application of force to a limb
incision codes in this section are for incisions of what
absecess involving both skin and bone
what are wound exploration codes used for
repairs requiring enlargement of exsisting wounds
under excision section, biopsies are divided based on what
~method of obtaining
under excision the codes that are not used for the excistion of what
tumors of muscles
biopsy codes do not include
pathology workup
removal codes
used to report removal of foreign bodies that are lodged in muscle
injection codes
used for injections made into a tendon, ligament, or cystic tumor
injection into or aspiration of a joint
if more the one injection is given, you need to use what
modifier -51
how are above codes devided
whether joint is small, intermediate, or major
implant removal codes are available for what
reporting the services of removal of buried, wires, pins, rods
how are external fixation codes devided
whether device or system is placed on one surface or several surfaces
what are the graft codes used for
to report the harvesting of a bone, cartilage, or tissue
codes for obtaining a fascia lata graft ate based on what
whether stripper was used
spine surgery codes are used for what
obtaining and shaping of tissue (patient or donor)
codes for monitering muscles, microvascular bone grafts etc...
other procedures
regarding bone grafts, codes are devided based on what
where bone is taken from
under application of casts and strapping, the codes may also be used to report what
initial stablization of on injury until definitive restoration treatment can be provided
cast, strapping, or splint is applied as a part of a fracture repair, can you code services separately
can you bill separately for an office visit if the patient recieves some other separate and significant service in addtion to cast or strapping
what constitutes an upper extremity
arms, neck, hands
what constitutes a lower extremity
legs, ankles, foot, toes
in regards to endoscopy/arthroscopy, can procedures such as shaving, removing evacuating be unbundled
what are these codes divided on
most expensive procedure