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Starting colonies in North America would help European countries become
wealthier and stronger
What thing did the English think they were going to find in America?
silver and gold
The first English settlement was started in what year?
What company began a colony in Virginia?
Virginia Company of London
The main goal of the Jamestown Colony was to make
What was the name of the first settlement in Virginia?
Instead of finding gold and silver, the Virginia Company made money by
shipping raw materials, like lumber and tobacco, back to England.
Jamestown was mostly a business to make
The Virginia Company was given money by __________ to make the expedition to America.
wealthy English Gentlemen
Why was the Jamestown settlement easily defended by sea?
it was located on a peninsula
Today Jamestown is located on an island in the middle of the _______.
James River
Why was Jamestown a good place to bring in supplies from Europe?
The water was deep for ocean going ships.
What happened to the water in Jamestown?
The salt water polluted the shallow wells.
What did the Virginia Company need to start the Jamestown Colony?
permission in the form of a charter
A charter from England gave the colonist the same rights as
English citizens.
In 1619 the Governor called a meeting of the
Virginia Assembly
The new government was made up of the Governor and ____ other parts.
What were the three parts of the new Virginia Colony government?
Governor's Council
House of “burgesses"
One of the parts of the first Virginia government was the ________ whose members were appointed by the Virginia Company.
The Governor received advice from the _________.
The representatives were _________ by all the people who could vote.
Only ________ were allowed to vote in Jamestown.
male land owners
By the 1640s, the burgesses or representatives became the separate law making body called the
Virginia House of Burgesses.
Without the arrival of ______, Jamestown’s people would never have been able to start families.
_______ were taken from the continent of Africa.
Life at Jamestown was hard because
of disease and starvation.
Name the main problems of the Jamestown colony.
Fighting with the Powhatan.
Bad water.
Swampy land.
No hard working people.
The strong leadership of _________ helped the colonist survive.
Captain John Smith
Who believed the English and the Powhatan could live in harmony.